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turbo chargers

Some factors come into play when we speak of the well-being of our cars and automobiles. One such device is a turbo charger. Before we get into details it is important to understand what a turbo charger is. A turbo charger, also known as a turbo, is a device that works on the principle of force, induced by turbine driving. A turbo charger helps to increase the internal combustion, boosting the engine’s efficiency and the output of power by allowing extra air inside the combustion chamber. The increase in the efficiency of the engine is because the process allows the compressor to force more air and fuel inside the combustion chamber as compared to the atmospheric pressure.

turbo chargers

What is The Objective Of Turbo Chargers? 

The main objective of using a turbo charger is that it helps to improve the efficiency of the engine of a vehicle. This is done by increasing the density of the gas, mainly air, which is being pulled into the combustion chamber. This allows a considerably more power per engine cycle.

How Do Turbo Chargers Work

If you are wondering how turbo chargers work, here is the basic concept which will help you have a better understanding. There is an exhaust that drives the turbine. The turbine has a direct connection with the compressor which directs the air inside the engine.

  1. The cool air enters the air intake of the engine and moves towards the compressor.
  2. The compressor has a fan that helps to suck the air in. The compressor of the engine squeezes the air that is coming in and heats it. The air blown out again.
  3. The hot compressed air moves from the compressor to the heat exchanger where it cools down. The cooled air then enters the air intake of the cylinder.
  4. As the cylinder can burn more fuel, it helps to produce more energy quickly and then sends more power to the wheels of the vehicle through the gears, piston, and shafts. The waste gas exits the cylinder through the outlet meant for the exhaust.
  5. The hot exhaust gases that blow past the turbine fan compose it rotate with very high speed.
  6. The spinning turbine mounted on the shaft of the compressor, starts spinning simultaneously with the compressor and the turbine.

turbo chargers

Advantages of Using Turbo Chargers

There are many advantages of using turbo chargers.

  1. The turbo chargers compressor primary draws in the air. They compress and later set it at a higher pressure. Because of this, a large mass of air enters the cylinder at every stroke meant for the intake of air. It is the kinetic energy of the exhaust gases present in the engine which provides the much-needed power for spinning the centrifugal compressor.
  2. A turbo charger increases the efficiency of the fuel without increasing the power. This happens for the recovery of the waste energy present in the exhaust and then feeding the energy back to the intake of the engine. The fact that this wasted energy is reused makes it easy to ensure that they use the fuel and burned before they vent it at the beginning of the exhaust stage.


I hope this gives you a fair idea about the different aspects of using a turbo charger. Now that you are aware of the different advantages of turbo chargers, you will feel the difference in your vehicle. The key thing here is that a turbo extracts energy and has the potential to improve the thermal efficiency of an engine.

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