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Inerting is a process that is extremely common in most chemical processes as well as in certain industries. It refers to a process wherein the atmosphere in an area, or in an enclosed space is replaced with an inert atmosphere to reduce the chances of explosion or combustion. The most common gas used for this purpose is nitrogen. The Inert Gas Purging Accessories eliminated unwanted reactions such as keeping moisture at bay and preventing explosions. Nitrogen is the preferred choice due to its low cost, as well as its safety and reliability.

Some inert gas purging accessoriesalso make use of other gases such as carbon dioxide, argon, and helium. The process of inerting is often required or mandated by various rules and regulations to match safety requirements and protocols. It is also significant in the protection of property as well as ensuring the safety of personnel. The choice of gas is made upon several factors such as the risk of combustion, cost, and expenses, how easy it is to procure, and how stable the likelihood of supply is.

The most common fields wherein inert gas purging accessories have a significant role to play include refinery industries, chemical and petrochemical industries, in the mining sector, in the shipping industry, as well as for chemical production. They are extremely beneficial as not only do they promote safety and eliminate the chance of any risks, they also significantly help in the reduction of costs. This is so as they reduce the chance of corrosion, they reduce the amount of gas required to keep the environment inert, and they also reduce the risk of fire or explosion during various manufacturing processes.


What are the main types of purge systems and what are the considerations that I have to keep in mind before selecting one? 

Various automatically controlled units utilize various inert gases such as Nitrogen, Argon, or CDA (Clean Dry Air) for the process of inerting. They are built in a manner that ensures that the requisite level of humidity (or limiting humidity) is maintained. By selecting the right purge system, you can significantly cut the costs of gas consumption. Various other accessories that ensure a controlled atmosphere such as desiccators, dry storage cabinets as well as glove boxes fall within the purview of inert gas purging accessories.


The main type of inert gas purging accessories that one can choose from are as follows: 

  • Automatic purge control unit with RH Sensor: This enables maintenance of humidity and moisture below the ambient level, even down to 0% through the utilization of a dry air purge system.
  • Automatic Purge control units with O2 sensor: Similar to the RH sensor, but instead analyses oxygen concentration.
  • Nitrogen Generators

Factors To Consider While Choosing The Best Inert Gas Purging Systems And Accessories:

  1. The method of inerting that you play to choose: you can either purge, blanket, or sparge. Purging removes or displaces a gas through the introduction of inert gas. Blanketing ensures that a constant inert environment is maintained through the utilization of inert gas. Sparging is a process wherein finely dispersed gas bubbles are passed through a liquid. Depending on the type of inerting that you plan to choose, the accessories for the process of inerting can vary.
  2. What equipment you wish to inert: There are multiple types of industries and occupations that utilize the process of inerting. These industries and occupations also have a variety of different equipment – these include reactors, centrifuges, mixing plants, vessels, silos, pipelines, etc. Depending on the type of industry, and the type of equipment in question, an ideal accessory for the process of inerting, or the inerting equipment can be chosen.
  3. The risk of explosion: The main reason why inerting is even carried out in the first place is to eliminate the risk of spontaneous combustion or explosion, and ensure the safety of personnel as well as equipment. Depending on the risk of explosion, the suitable accessories and a choice of inert gas may be made. This involves safety in setting up, in transportation, during storage, prevention of oxidisation, and ensuring safety during maintenance and elimination of hazards.

If you are looking for safe, easy, and an ideal solution to ensure that the ambient environment remains inert and free from the risk of explosions, then inert gas purging systems and accessories are a must. Consider all of the above-mentioned factors before making a choice!


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