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Vaughn Irons is a program manager, a sort of visionary leader for the whole program. He is responsible for defining the objectives of the program and analyzing their impact on the company. Its role is to define the list of specific programs to be carried out to achieve the overall objective. It focuses on the development of the strategy and the implementation of the program, as well as on the procedure for delegating programs adequately. 

For example: if the program is a Marketing campaign, the objectives that the program manager may define include the generation of leads, the enhancement of the brand image and the acquisition of market share. The role of the program manager goes beyond carrying out various programs and is focused on the long-term benefits of the entire program.

The program manager is the intermediary between the client and the teams that carry out the work. He is also responsible for identifying and understanding the needs of his client.

Main Missions

  • Manage one or more budgets at the same time.
  • Identify and understand the needs of his client.
  • Ensure the coordination of the elements provided by his team.
  • Execute the program: creation, manufacturing, production, execution…
  • Coordinate the program, articulate the different times and the different partners.
  • Train your team and determine the functions of each.
  • Formalize and write down the work carried out and the decisions.
  • Manage human resources.
  • Provide motivating working conditions
  • Organize the thinking and actions of your team
  • Analyze the issues, tensions, and contexts
  • Entrusting tasks and responsibilities to your team
  • Develop different points of view

Technical Skills

The program manager is a specialist in program management. He must, therefore, master the techniques of program management (planning and development). This can go through the mastery of program management software tools, advanced use of spreadsheets.

Its IT culture must also be developed by mastering the architecture and functionality of information systems, knowledge of strategic directions in IS and the IT supply market.

Personal Qualities

  • Sense of coordination management
  • Team spirit
  • Sense of organization.
  • Dynamism
  • Enthusiasm
  • Optimism
  • Creativity and listening skills
  • Hierarchic reattachment

The program manager working with the head of the studies department and all those directly or indirectly involved in the implementation of the program in question.

Solution for Program Management

A solution and management program for companies that are managed by programs is necessary to deal with the complexity and uniqueness of each program. Therefore, from Vaughn Irons, he offers solutions and management programs for companies and allows the management of all aspects (technical, administrative and financial).

These companies require a program management solution to overcome certain challenges:

  • Complexity: variations by program and many suppliers and actors.
  • Uncertainty: to face it, they need tools that integrate not only processes but also people.
  • Unique programs: although they have similar characteristics, the programs are not repeated and cannot be standardized.
  • Limited resources: the need for control and great flexibility to adapt to each program.

Temporality: programs with defined dates that must be adapted.

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