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Since the Philippines belongs to the countries who ranks poor for fast internet connection, many big and foreign telecommunication companies are extending their businesses from different developed countries like China and USA here in the Philippines.

Internet connection in the Philippines becomes available to the market at the year 1994 but it was not just for simple citizen of the country, usually at that time internet is just available to businesses and government agency to formally transfer the records from paper to paperless. Since then, the development of it is already one of the focuses of the government. The availability of it to the public is one of the greatest achievements of the past administrations. 

One of the reasons that the Philippine internet connection is one of the slowest is because since the country is mainly consist of 7,107 islands making the construction of fixed networks hard to accomplish. Also, the lack of new ICT network infrastructure contributes as one of the reasons as well. With all that the Philippine government whether it’s just municipal or national is helping hand in hand to the development of internet connection to the Citizen.

There are many providers of internet connection. There are big telecommunications companies like Smart and Globe that already enters the internet connection field and sell it to the market claiming that they are the fastest internet connection provider in the Philippines. Some start up companies are also trying to keep up with the requirement of the Philippine industry for internet connection – some targets businesses and also different government agencies and offers lower prices compared to the top big companies but the big question is: who is really the fastest internet provider in the Philippines?

With that the enhancement of it is really exciting and the development. Just think of how will it makes the living of every Filipino easier or better. Instead of using papers for records that is really at risk whenever there is an accident like fire or flood so the place where the record will be kept really needs to be located on a secured area – you can save your necessary documents on a drive at the internet and it won’t be prone to that kind of accident. Also internet provides faster information transmission to everyone, whether you’re a student who wants to finish your thesis or an adult who wants to know the meaning of the word that your colleague said in a conversation about your favorite TV Shows. Internet also makes distance seems nothing even if you’re thousands of miles away from your loved ones – it gives you hope that distance won’t be a problem. It opens big opportunities, for example, for fresh graduates who wants to look for a job, he or she can just log into different job seeking sites on the internet and make an online resume and just wait for the companies to call them. Also the internet gives businesses an easy access to different needs for the growth of their company.

We can really never stop the advancement of technology and we just need to stay still and hope that what we will accomplish is for the benefit of everyone. 

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