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Interview Tips For Corporate Office Jobs

Going for an interview, especially if it’s your first one can be undeniably nerve-wracking. The pressure of an interview can take over and ultimately has the potential to ruin how you perform.

If you are struggling in the preparation for an up and coming interview, then have a read through our tips below. These will be sure to greatly increase your chances of getting you hired and working within a new corporate job in no time.

Research The Industry And Company

A great way to show interest and that the company will be of importance to you (if you get the job), is to know a fair amount about the company you have applied for. Knowing their business motto, what they stand for and more importantly what the company actually does for work, will all boost your chances of wowing the bosses.

Sell Yourself-Be Clear On Why You Want The Job

One question everyone dreads when in an interview is ‘what can you bring to the job?’ or ‘why should we hire you?’. These are hard because this is the point where you need to talk about yourself – something that can be hard to do.

To prepare, have 3-5 key selling points for yourself in mind. Such as, what you’re good at, why you deserve the job and what you can bring to the company. If you can’t think of anything great about yourself, then ask friends or family, they will be sure to give you a few examples.

Talk About Things You’ve Achieved

Interview Tips For Corporate Office Jobs

It is important to remember that there is a thin line between gloating, and expressing some examples of things you’ve achieved in the past.

It is a great way to show you are determined and motivated to work when you have examples of things you have completed in the past. This can be working at another job, projects completed at school, or even how you worked well in a team. All of these examples will show you possess key attributes that companies love their colleagues to have.

Have Some Of Your Own Questions Ready

It will be beneficial to have a small collection of questions that you can ask the interviewer once the questions for yourself are over. This shows that you are not only intelligent but shows you are interested in the company at a higher level. For example, the interviewer’s personal opinions on their job or who they believe would best fit the job position they are currently hiring for. This will allow them to see your persistence and intent, rather than just declining and saying you have no additional questions to ask.

Be Punctual

Interview Tips For Corporate Office Jobs
It is extremely important to ensure that you are around 10 minutes early for your interview. This early arrival shows that you care about the interview and the potential of gaining a job. This will also be looked at as a future attribute, showing that you will always arrive to work on time!

Anything more than 10 minutes may be of a bit of annoyance to the company if they don’t have an area for you to wait in, or if the interviewer is not quite ready for you yet, they may feel rushed.


It is very easy to memorize answers to questions you can be expecting, however the way you say it is equally as important as a good answer. You must ensure to practise answering and speaking fluently, confidently and clearly.

You are allowed to be nervous and the interviewer will likely try and calm the situation with some general chat, while keeping up a professional persona, so match this. Avoid stuttering and using mannerisms such as ‘um’, as this can sometimes come across as you are bored or don’t have the interest to answer their question.


The way you dress, carry yourself and even sit are all vital aspects that are tested during an interview. From the moment you come into the building, it is time to make yourself shine.

What we look like is the first thing people challenge, even if they say that appearance doesn’t matter – it does! Looking clean, well put together and smart is the perfect way to show the interviewer you take pride in presentation, and they will perceive you to have this same attitude with your work.

Body Language

Not only is the way you dress important, the way you carry yourself and interact with the people around you will also be looked at.

Carry yourself with confidence – not cockiness, to show that you are ready to work, make a change and make the interviewer believe everything you are saying. A simple handshake on approach is massively appreciated as it shows you respect your possible future boss, and shows you have quality people skills.

This is not school, within the interview, ensure that you are not slouching, fidgeting or leaning over the workstation. All of these emit the sense of boredom or lack of attention to your interview, which will not give a very good impression to the interviewer. So, keep eye contact, sit up straight yet comfortable (try not to look like a statue). Place your hands gently into your lap unless you like to talk with your hands (I know I do) and refrain from tapping your legs – this is a distraction!

Bring A Copy Of Your CV To Every Interview

It is likely the interviewer will already have your CV to hand. But, in the case that it has been misplaced or forgotten, then you can save the day by providing another copy.

This also shows that you are both organized and professional having all of your personal documents in order and ready to be used.

Be Prepared To Be Asked Behaviour Based Questions

A very common question asked at an interview are based on a time when you had to put a cause to action. They will ask you which scenarios you have demonstrated behaviours such as teamwork or determination.

It will be beneficial to have a small story prepared for just about any common behavioural questions you could be asked. The most popular are:

  • Initiative
  • Determination
  • Persistence
  • Commitment
  • Confidence with customers
  • How you work within a team
  • Experiences with success
  • How you deal with conflict within a workplace

Having a simple example of how you have acted in situations like these will be great for your interview success. The story can usually be from just about anything you have taken part in from school, to work experience and at home life – they just want some insight on your reactions to certain situations and the way you perform within these.
Be Appreciative

It’s important to remember that the interviewer has taken time out of their working day to meet with you, as well as everyone else they have likely seen within the few days surrounding yours. Simply acknowledging and thanking them for their time and the opportunity to have a chance for the job will be sure to rank you higher on their opinions!


There are a fair few things that must be practised and considered before an interview. But ensuring you are completely ready and sell yourself well, you will secure yourself a job in no time! Remember to be yourself no matter what.

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