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landlord gas safety certificate london

Gas is used in every house. It is used to run a different appliance. But gas can be very dangerous if you show carelessness towards its safety. As you live in a place it is important to hire professionals almost every year or twice a year for checking. But this checking is completely opposite from the checking that is must for the landlords. It is called a landlord gas safety inspection London. it is the process of checking that is done when the new people are about to move in in a property.

After the inspection is don’t by the professionals the certificate is given to the landlord called landlord gas safety certificate London. It is a kind of proof that everything is set and the house is ready for the tenants. The process of the inspection is:

  • Gas pipes inspection
  • Testing and inspection of appliances that run on gas
  • Gas meter condition
  • Proper ventilation

What is the need of landlord gas safety inspection London?

It is the question of many, as they not know about the process. There are so many things that make it important. Like:

  • It is a legal process for property owners. If you will not do it as a landlord a stick legal action take towards you. The rule is set way before to make sure the safety of people. As gas can cause a huge disaster. Also, the presence of the certificate will allow you to claim the insurance money if something goes wrong. But without the certificate, the insurance company will not give you a single penny.
  • Safety is the main reason behind all this. As there is no way that a person can get an idea of the gas is leaking. So, for everyone’s benefits inspection is the key.
  • When we live in a house, we are to busy in other things that we didn’t pay attention to the gas pipes and appliance. We keep on using them. Same is the case with landlords, as they are busy in other matters. They have no idea how the appliances or home is used by the tenants. So, hiring professionals for the inspection identify the faults. They tell us if something needs to change or repair. In that way, the problem didn’t expand and the things stay in original shape for a very long period.

The validity of a certificate

The validity of the certificate is 6 months to 1 year, after that, you have to go through the whole process once again. Also, there is no way that you keep the certificate to yourself. When someone moves into your property, you have to provide a copy to them too. The benefits of that the tenants will call you when it is about to expire. So, in case you forget, you get a reminder.

But there are times when someone brings their own gas appliance inside the property. At that time, it is not the responsibility of the landlord to get it inspected. It is the tenant’s responsibility to get it to check by professionals.

Also, when you move in as a tenant, don’t forget to ask for a certificate form landlord. Get its copy on a very first day you move in. It is because you are investing in it and it is your right to stay clear whether the property is safe for you and your family. It is because we all know what gas can do? So, the best thing is to precaution then risk.

Hire a reliable company

To go through this process, it is better to choose the best. The one who have skills, training and knowledge about all this. So, you don’t have to face any issue later.

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