Talking about IOT growing stages of development where companies see the potential of this market to be useful and cost effective. There have been numerous ways to tackle those that can make our life easier and efficient to work future solutions.

Whether you’re monitoring the room temperature through smart phones adjusting the hotness or coldness of the room or detecting the storm water and the waste is removed in the city through sensors, the opportunities and trends of IOT has wide range of benefits for the society. Moreover, it has been predicted that the world will be connected with sensors in 2025 and will create large amount of data, devices that can talk and can be controllable by the humans.

Let’s find out what Essay writing service from has identified the untold story of how this IOT function could help out educational systems and what these trends are that molds to create opportunities.

Future is of Digital twining

What is digital twining? It is a key tool improvised operation with digital data. It is the technology that will help real world to play a big role in the advancement of IOT. It is a works as a transparent sheet of glass that observes or detects what is happening with in physical assets. With the connectivity of sensors the operations and interaction can easily be customised for everyone. Having digital twin in the overall product development it could reduce the cost in an effective manner. Moreover, it also help and experiment virtual environment through digital twin which allows the product managers to test, build, monitor, maintain and service product.

Smart bus stop for smart University campuses

Most of the university campuses are believed to be as big as a city; it has its own small world where bus stop, car parking and food court are all available. Through the help of smart cities that turned into connective devices that can talk and collect data by IoT innovation. Main reason to input IOT innovation into the campus is for building and utility management and campus security. The IoT technology could enhance the usage of teaching, learning also connect the community and even manage campus life effectively.

With IoT devices usage it can not only collect information about traffic but also adjust heating and air conditioned off and on at the time of people present or not present. There are many things within the campus that can be smarter, faster and innovative for the students such as smart shops, smart traffic lights, and sensors everywhere that can detect volume of sound.

Boost the efficient use of resources with connectivity

There are many hurdles for a student to study and relax themselves peacefully. However, you are at a campus which has the total of 11000 students in the overall university there will be no space to adjust yourself neither in the classroom nor the cafeteria. Imagine you are little late for the lecture and when you enter the classroom the seats are occupied. Many students have to face such issues and through a study it was found that 35% of the classrooms seats were empty all the time. This was mainly due to the occupied space and congested seating arrangement.

Through IoT the issue got resolved by installing 500 Bluetooth-enabled sensors all overall the campus to detect and monitor empty rooms. With the help of the technology the real time seat seekers get the information instantly about the empty space plus the artificial intelligence used monitor and collect data to identify which rooms will be free in the future, which allows for advance scheduling. By the efficient use of technology the university saved around $164000 in energy cost (means electricity) a year for utilising classroom space.

Connecting Humans with the technology

There have to been some kind of experience and guideline about engineering as a career and get to know more about the technology. The community service projects and encouraging students to participate into non-profit issues is the way to interact humans with the technology.

The community called EPICS in IEEE funded IoT projects organised and collect university students, high schoolers and non-profit organisation to collaborate to the benefit of local community. The essay writing UK has come up with a plan of collaborating with the university students to get hand on experience and educational practices of IoT. They usually guide students for utilizing the need of technology knowledge and learning to help spread awareness of such convenient sources.

One project goes where students detect through deploying sensors to measure the air quality. Where students put circuits, to add sensors to different functionality, they also collect those data and share it with the organisation that help provide solution for how to make the air cleaner for the cities.

This example shows the opportunity for the future IoT processes and now people are also actively participating in the positive venture of newer technology advancement. The only thing we need to do is encourage student, spread opportunities for the betterment of them and make it innovative for the tomorrow’s future.

Leveraging the power of IoT

We have already discussed about the IoT technology having massive amount of advancement in the university campus. With this in mind let’s further about the IOT sensors operating in students ID cards or wrist band technology. It helps keep the information of students going out of the campus and in the campus areas to track them 24/7. The power of the sensor technology helps detect people, assets and activities enable them to ensure healthy security presence. For the betterment of the student’s security it processes and assists right location and the end location to make sure the right person is entering the campus gate. Convenient and safety goes hand on hand with the IoT technology which are setting the life of students, parents and administration easier.

Final point

The trends, opportunities and education go hand on hand as it facilitates the educators to give the benefit for students to what they actually need. The system will be grasped by the students, perform data and optimised their design as per their need. With the help of IoT you can not only make optimisation possible but also reduce cost and enhance productivity.

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