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F8 is the conference held by Facebook that are mostly for entrepreneurs and developers who has built services around the websites.  Two years back Facebook had announced the 10 years plans which reveal the three main innovations that would happen, a vision which should be initiated by company. The ten years plan has already been started and we are just away from 2020. So, let’s see what progress Facebook has taken after announcing the plan in which three main elements connectivity, artificial intelligence and virtual reality are components of the 10 years plan.

Facebook’s progress for 10 years vision

Over the past 3 years Facebook has shown progress of Artificial Intelligence and virtual reality walking back and forth with each other in company’s news feed from which people are tagged. The Oculus Rift is the form of progress Facebook has initiated through virtual reality.

Mark Zuckerberg literally sees the future

The statement of dissertation proposal Writing, says the virtual reality is the most social platform for one to interact with other person as if you are with them. The clip of virtual reality happening now and is already started, is just the beginning. The clip shown by Mark, we see two people playing a game in the same VR room, even though they were in the same room but not physically presented near each other. This is what virtual reality is all about.

Facebook announced its VR massive-multiplayer

In 2019, Facebook has just announced its ready player one Oasis. The virtual reality sandbox universe is Facebook’s horizon, where users can easily socialize with friends, play games or build their own environment and can even discover user-friendly landscape.

Mark Zuckerberg is really confidence on the announcement of horizon in his oculus conference in San Jose. The horizon will be a lot better and expand its way to the next level game. The best part is in Facebook horizon you can build objects from scratch.

Messenger is the next approach

In the conference done on 2016 Mark stated that he wanted to build a plan where they would be a helping hand for the people such as making a bridge the difficult road easily. He aims to focus more on connectivity and the 10 years plans will be a path to connect those visions.

The main role this 10 year plan will take is to expand the power of sharing anything with anyone without any hurdle or barrier.

The main element it covers is,

  • Connectivity that helps in free access of internet
  • AI programs to teach how to interact with users
  • VR and AR- Oculus Rift and 360 degree video

A new initiative has been explored by Facebook which suggest 60 million users interact with whatsApp and Facebook messenger. With the statistic mentioned Mark talked about how businesses can interact with their customers through the help of messenger. Facebook wants to be a helping hand for businesses to expand their leads and get to have a personal one on one conversation just like any other friend through messenger platform. However, the implementation of such useful initiative this can be done with bots in messengers chat.

How will connectivity work in the future?

When we talk about connectivity it means we will have a brightest future for internet speed and faster streaming and beaming network. Facebook has gone into a pretty huge project that will favor the internet users for good. In the 10 years plan Mark has highlighted a new plane that has solar panels which can fly at the height of 60,000 feet. This plane will help in giving beaming signals of internet on earth for months. Mark has also made plans to launch its first satellite to improve the connectivity issues of Africa. The Facebook free internet service has been facilitated by 25 million users already almost in 37 countries.

Free Basic Internet

Every other developing country has been involved in the issue related to internet which is the fundamental and the essential element one cannot be connected to one and other. In the statistics of best Thesis Help, 85% of the world population is in the area where cellular coverage is available but the mobile data could cost a large number of money and be difficult to use from.

Free basic is the facility given by Facebook itself with the help of mobile operators to access Facebook without any hesitation of charging their own money. The best practice you can do to get yourself online for free is to use or be a part of the free basic community.

AI future shown to the world

In the near future we will see a big change in the lifestyle of humans and the way of interaction will be highly digitalized. With that been said, photos, video sharing, web content are all bubble up to be shown through internet connectivity. Facebook believes that with this much interaction and connectivity AI can help sort through the noise. How can Facebook’s AI help sort out the plans for the future?

Well, Mark defined a pretty useful and an essential element for AI to respond or indulge in our human’s life. If you scroll for your picture you basically search for it in the gallery box but instead why not ask the Facebook to search for you and retrieve it.

Computers are not capable in searching for what you are requesting as it sees pictures as a dotted object. The Facebook is working on the plan to developed computers to recognized pictures or videos or sports that are similar in nature.

Final verdict

Let’s hope for the best and how these plans or vision suggested by Mark Zuckerberg will be implemented fully. We have seen much advancement has been on progress mode and half of them are in the phase of implementation. We are only two months away from 2020 what next have to be discovered we’ll find out and update you for sure.

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