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Are you renovating your kitchen and thinking about which appliances would be the best choice? There are many different factors you must consider when selecting devices, as not all brands give the same functions. It is not always possible to get the best features that you wish in every appliance from the same brand. It means that you have to forego either some feature or function or you be ready to mix and match brands. Some designers prefer mixed brands as that helps to break the monotony of one brand.

Here are some tips you could consider to decide your German kitchen appliances.

Decide a Colour Scheme

At times, people might want to design a kitchen where all their appliances are matching in colour. Mostly, all appliances are either white, black, or in stainless steel. When selecting appliances from different brands, it is recommended to go and see the instruments and their exact shades and designs in a showroom, and then you could maybe purchase online if you get a better deal.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances

Stainless steel appliances are usually considered to be high-end and mostly found in big chef-style kitchens. It won’t be effortless to mix and match brands when you are opting for stainless steel appliances because there are many variations to consider. The metal colour could vary between brands, and many brands add some bit of black or a different-shaded metal to display screens or the knobs.

An Eye for Details

If you strive for perfection in your German kitchens in London, then it is likely that you would want to buy all appliances from the same brand. In this case, everything like the logos on the appliances, handles, switches and knobs will be matching.

Appliance Packages

At times, brands offer a complete appliance package, which ensures that all your kitchen appliances like the gas stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, etc. would be a perfect match. Many stores offer this kind of package which could ease your shopping, and they also give huge discounts if you pick all the appliances from them.

Matching Styles

Another factor to consider appliances from multiple brands is styling and shape. Some kitchen appliances might have a sleek look, whereas others may be bulkier. It is also essential to ensure that the colour scheme is the same to avoid selecting one appliance with gold knobs while all others are black or silver.

Buying Matching Appliances – What are the Pros and Cons?

Let’s see the Pros of buying matching kitchen appliances:

  • All of the colours and sheens would match.
  • You might get a good discount or deal on the complete kitchen package.
  • You will get a uniform and neat look in your kitchen.
  • There would be no mismatch and the jarring difference in your appliances.

Here are the Cons of matching appliances:

  • It could get challenging to decide on a brand that could have all the devices you need.
  • You may have to compromise on some of your preferred features in some appliances in the same brand.
  • Some particular appliances might be costly, but you might be buying so that the style or brand is the same.

To conclude

After all, it is your German dream kitchen, and you must choose appliances that you like, be it from the same brand or not. You are the one who would use these appliances and cook your favourite dishes, so look for the features and functionality that you require and choose your appliances. Who doesn’t need a visually-attractive kitchen, but what’s the point if it doesn’t serve your purpose. So consider the colours, overall theme and style, and then look for the closest possible match.

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