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In order to run a business, you have to be in touch with so many rules and regulations that govern your business. Doing a business is not an easy task at all; it is not a one-step process. It is a continuous process that involves doing so many things, activities together with the other business activities. It’s the duty of the management to comply with all the acts, certification, rules and regulations which are concerned with their business. If a business in any way ignores any act, rule or regulation then the business has to face its consequences. In order to run a business, you must certify that your business, manufacturing process is quality certified. There are so many certifications that specify the quality standards of the manufacturing process which are undertaken in the business. ISO Certification is one of the certifications which the business must register itself with. These are the kinds of international standards which must be met by the business organizations.

ISO is the international body which stands for international organization for standardization. These standards are made to maintain consistency in the business as well as in the economy. ISO certification is a type of certification that certifies that every business activity i.e. manufacturing process, service, etc meet the quality and standards. These standards are further divided into numerical that differ from industry to industry. Like ISO 9001, ISO 2008, etc are various certifications under this international body. The organization has to change it or its business processes when these standards change over time. In order to obtain these ISO certifications for the business, the organization needs to occur many costs.

There are so many costs associated with obtaining this kind of certification for the business. It does not only involve the money but also the time and efforts of the business. It also helps the organization to improve their processes or services as per these standards. The costs associated with this certification will vary as per the size or scale of your business. The following are the costs associated with obtaining the ISO certifications:

  • In order to obtain certification, you have to create a formal system that will work on it. The first cost associated with it is the cost of development of the system. This is the cost relating to the documents that are required in this process.
  • The second cost is the cost which is related to the training of the employees of the organization who have to plan and initiate the system. They need to be trained at how they have to execute the various audits in the business.
  • The third cost is the cost which is associated with the registration process of the system. While undertaking the registration and auditing process there are so many costs associated with these works. The remaining proportion of costs depends on the size, scale or scope of the work undertaken during this process. ISO Certification in India is a body that governs the certification process in India.

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