Story of Goddess Jagadhatri Maa

According to mythological terms

After creating the most powerful goddess Durga maa all gods like Varun, Indra, Vayu, and others thought that they were very-very powerful and strongest. Because of their ego, they forget that who is the real power of them. Therefore Adi paraShakti /adi shakti took their test. She came in front of them as Maya and produced a weed (grass) in front of them. She said, “Oh mighty gods please take that grass out”. They were laughing, then Indra sent Vayu to take out that grass. Vayu tried and failed so badly. One by one, every god was failing. Then Goddess Adi Shakti came in front of them and told them that every power of this universe belongs to him. She is the power of the whole world. So all the gods understood their mistake. Goddess first came in front of them in the form of Goddess JAGADHATRI Maa, who was sitting on a lion. And their (god’s) ego became an elephant. That’s how we see Goddess Jagadhatri sitting on a lion and an elephant below it.

How does Jagadhatri Puja start?

krishnagar jagadhatri puja

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In the year of 1728, Jagadhatri Puja was firstly started by KRISHNA CHANDRA ROY (The Maharaja of Krishna Nagar) in KRISHNA NAGAR, District-Nadia, West Bengal.

Krishna Chandra Roy was known for the celebration of Durga Puja in the place of Krishnanagar. Igniting the holy fire before “Mahalaya” marked the beginning of the festival which continued for 17 days. Many thousands of goats were sacrificed and one could recite the sacred hymns from the “Chandi” begin uttered without a stop. Nawab’s dirty politics, Maharaja Krishna Chandra was arrested for not paying taxes on time. And he was released from jail on Durga Navami. With an extreme desire to worship Goddess Durga, Krishna Chandra ran barefoot towards Krishnanagar. But tired of hunger and lack of sleep, the Maharaja fainted on the banks of Rukunpur.

That night, he saw, in his dream, a divinely beautiful girl, standing in front of him and saying, “Maharaj, please quench your thirst. Make your wish come true and the way I shall now incarnate in front of you, she is my Worship. Worship me on Shukla Navami. After this will come. “The girl turned into a deity, sat on a lion and filled the world with lights; Shankha (conch), Chakra (ring) and Dhanus-varn (bow and arrow) lie in his hands.

Amazed and excited, the Maharaja woke up and came back to Krishnanagar where he called all the Pandits and asked who the deities were. He knows that it was Goddess Jagadhatri, an incarnation of Goddess Durga / Adishakti, who was worshiped by the Dravidian clan about 2000 years ago. In 1754, Maharaja Krishna Chandra formally introduced Jagadhatri Puja and even today, 250 years later, Jagadhatri Pooja is celebrated in the palace of KRISHNA CHANDRA.

How does Jagadhatri Puja start in Hooghly District?

The origin of Jagadhatri Puja is mainly Krishnanagar, but more than 250 years of Jagadhatri Pooja is celebrated in Chandannagar and Bhadreswar. Today, Chandannagar and Bhadreswar are best known for the grand heritage that comes in the worship of Goddess Jagadhatri.

One of the richest businessmen of West Bengal, Indra Narayan Chaudhury, who is a very good friend of Maharaja Krishna Chandra Roy.

Chawal Patti JAGADHATRI MAA Puja

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Some people say that the Lakshmi Gunj Bazaar of Chandannagar was the biggest place for rice, fabric vendors from all over Bengal. Due to this Indra Narayan Chaudhury proposes to Maharaja Krishna Chandra Roy to invest some value and sell or buy rice/fiber from the market. Maharaja and a businessman from Krishnanagar come to visit the market for him. After all the selling, when they were returning to Krishnanagar, it was raining heavily, due to which the business was stuck for months.

(During that time October-November was in the English calendar and Kartik Mash is for the Bengali calendar)That month is of Jagadhatri Puja, which means that if they cannot return to Krishnanagar they cannot celebrate Jagadhatri Pooja. So, they decide to worship of goddess Jagadhatri and that was the first time ever Jagadhatri Pooja Was celebrated in Chandannagar at Laxmi Gunj Bazaar. The place was mainly known as “Chawal Patti”, today the Idol of the ancient goddess Jagadhatri was present in Chandannagar.

2nd oldest Jogodhatri Puja of Hooghly District – Jagadhatri puja Tetultala

TETULTALA JAGADHATRI MAA Gaurhati Bhadreswar was the 2nd oldest Jagadhatri Puja of Hooghly District, which is celebrated in 1792 for the first time in Bhadreswar Hooghly by a woman who sells fishes on the banks of river Gaurhati under the tamarind (Emli / tentul) tree.

As the locals say, she was single and a devotee of the goddess. For some reason, their fishes were not selling or they were not able to catch good fishes. Due to this, she was upset for many days, for some nights she slept empty stomach. One night she dreamed that a poor woman is standing in the door, the woman was begging for food but she was not able to provide anything other than water to drink. After drinking water, the poor woman says that, to go to the NICHU PATTI (Riverside of Chawal Patti – Lakshmi Gunj Bazaar, Chandranagar).

When she goes to Nichu Patti she shows that there are lots of fish in the river, she was very happy at that time. She was thanking the old poor woman. When she returns she shows the temple of Chawal Patti, she goes to pray for the lady. When she saw the face of the idol, she was shocked and fainted. Because she first sees the face of the idol, in the dream she again shows the poor lady but as the goddess Jagadhatri seating on the lion and in one leg of a lion on earth. She realizes that the poor lady was Goddess Jagadhatri. After she came back to Gauhati starts the Puja.

But before dies she hands over the small idol of Jagadhatri to one lady of Das’s family for continuing the worship of Goddess Jagadhatri, because for this reason the location is shifted from the Gauhati Riverside to Das’s House where the small Tamarind(emli/tentul) tree that time.

Today 2nd oldest and most famous Jagadhatri Puja of Hooghly is Tentultala. For many years it’s celebrated as a Community Puja.
In 2017 Tentultala Jagadhatri Pooja celebrates 225 years of Puja.

Here is the date of Jagadhatri Puja

Jagadhatri Puja 2020 Date and Time in India, (जगद्धात्री पूजा 2020 तारीख और समय, জগদ্ধাত্রী পূজা ২০২০ তারিখ এবং সময়) – Hindu Calendar, Festivals and Muhurat Date Time for the world

  1. Friday, November 20, 2020 ( Shashthi — Shukla Paksha )
  2. Saturday, November 21, 2020 ( Saptami — Shukla Paksha )
  3. Sunday, November 22, 2020 ( Ashtami — Shukla Paksha )
  4. Monday, November 23, 2020 ( Navami — Shukla Paksha )
  5. Tuesday, November 24, 2020 ( Dashami — Shukla Paksha )