A Keratin Hair Mask is an amazing product that has been clinically proven to work. It has been tested and proven to reduce the damage to your hair caused by DHT which the fungus referred to as androgenic alopecia causes.

DHT is a naturally occurring protein that is produced in the body. It attacks the hair follicles causing them to die, or else they would re-grow. The ability of the hair to regrow has been determined by using Keratin proteins.

When you apply the Keratin Hair Mask to your head, it not only helps the hair grow back faster, but it can also help strengthen the hair and prevent any breakage. This is how it can work. It works on several levels by keeping the hair and the scalp healthy and maintaining the natural oils.

If you are worried about your hair falling out and not being able to re-grow it you should definitely get a Keratin Hair Mask. Since DHT can lead to thinning of the hair, it may even lead to baldness. When your hair comes off, you are left with a clumpy mass of hair that needs to be trimmed regularly or even removed altogether.

When you try to deal with the problem of hair loss, you usually see baldness in the beginning, then later on it starts spreading all over your head. You feel depressed because the hair is falling out but at the same time it is harder to regrow it. The Keratin Hair Mask can help prevent this from happening and help you grow your hair again.

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When the hair is damaged, it usually re-grows with new strands but sometimes, due to treatments such as laser hair removal or other procedures that use high amounts of electricity, the hair can become completely limp and lifeless. Keratin hair masks can help repair your hair and prevent further damage. It is also helpful when it comes to preventing hair breakage.

In addition to the Keratin protein, you can get the Keratin shampoo, conditioner, and styling products from many suppliers that offer these treatments. You can also use the keratin shampoo on its own. It will prevent any further damage and bring back the texture and shine back to your hair.

Keratin Hair Masks are sold online through the internet. It can be bought for less than $10 and comes in a jar. It can be used daily and can be used three times a week for a few months to see the results you desire.