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Being independent is a necessity for all those turning 18 and wanting to move out and move on. And this isn’t very easy, but it has been made very accessible due to the advent of the merger of small business with the internet and social media. The way the world does business now is significantly changing. It is evolving to become more and more accessible by the masses and also accommodate more and more into this field of independent money-making. Social media networking is the most influential factor in getting the business domain to get cosy with the internet. With the amount of awareness that today’s people have about the internet, it’s no big exaggeration to say that the internet has now become a necessary part of our normal lives. People cannot stay without the internet. Internet usage on this scale results in most of the population is very updated and aware of the trends going on. This also leads to the public trying to learn and take the initiative to start something that gets them the attention on the internet and social media. Businesses have observed, since the advent of social media, the impact it has had on marketing.

Social media networking and its effects

No doubt, anything put on social media spreads as fast if not faster than the speed of light. People like the content, they share it and forward it. They start talking about it and soon the content becomes viral. The more viral the content becomes the more it progresses towards becoming a trend. Businesses, especially small businesses have started seeing this progression. This resulted in small businesses and other big businesses to expand using the internet as their carrier. This also bought about a large number of ideas for more successful businesses for people that wanted to start their own small business. Now, people have opened online stores and shops that the customers can interact with the comfort of their homes. People now have creative business ideas, from cool Damascus best pocket folding knives to leather wallets and shoes, there now exists a long list of ideas for more successful businesses. This has bought about diversity in the global market in terms of products and a variety of varying choices for the customers to choose from. This has also improved the economy and the flow of money due to small businesses popping up.


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The advent of social media networking is very clearly superior when compared to traditional marketing techniques, influencing people to not only buy products but to start their own small businesses using the internet as the jumping platform. With many social media platforms that provide vast opportunities to upload all kinds of content like YouTube, Twitch, tik-tok, there isn’t any creative limiter that stops people from achieving their dreams of becoming independent and running their own small businesses. This awareness has helped many businesses with their exponential rise and will continue to do so since the internet is an important part of our lives.

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