Knee pain is a common and yet frustrating problem. Unless dealt with it at an early stage it can cause much damage. The knee joint has many components including bone, ligaments, cartilage, fluid, tendons, and muscles that facilitate movement. Hurting or injuring any part can cause tremendous problems and needs at times proper medical attention with some seeking knee surgery. Knees are one of the parts of our body that are very prone to injuries. These injuries can result in excessive pain and discomfort while performing daily activities. Besides, there are various other reasons for knee pain, including arthritis, getting older, and other hereditary issues.  Cold therapy is one of the most effective and commonly used treatments for curing knee pain and injuries. If used appropriately, it can reduce swelling, provide relief from pain, and promote the healing process.  There are multiple methods of giving cold therapy to your knees which includes ice packs, frozen vegetables, ice cups, and Aircast cryo cuff knee system.  Among these cryo cuffs are most effective for reducing swelling, pain, and muscle spasms.


Causes of Knee Pain

Knee pain may arise from overuse or sudden twisting and turning of the knee joints.

• Various categories of people are more prone to knee pain, especially athletes. Often their rigorous physical activity may create the problem.

• Elderly people, too, are at risk, many getting an osteoarthritis condition which leads to knee pain. This may require surgical intervention and is a serious condition.

However, in most cases, knee injuries are not serious and minor home remedies such as treatment with cold and hot pads can cure it. Be sure to take preventive measures right at the onset or else it can be a potentially big problem.


How to use Cryo cuff? 

Firstly, you need to prepare the cooler inside the Aircast Knee Cryo Cuff With Cooler. Fill the cooler tube with cold water up to the line and the rest of it with ice, then lay the disk on top and close it tightly. Let it settle for 5 minutes and shake it timely to cool the water.  Secondly, apply the empty cuff around the area to be cooled. Don’t tighten the straps just snug it. After setting the cuff, connect the cooler with the cuff and hold the former above the latter until it fills. Keep the cooler not more than 15 inches above the cryo cuff. When the Aircast cryo cuff knee system is filled with cold water, disconnect the tube and you can perform daily activities with the cuff on. For better results, use it 3 to 4 times a day for about 30 minutes.


Other Methods to Prevent Knee Pain: 

Specialized exercises help to fortify the muscles that sustain the knee thus reducing the stress on the knee joint.

• To get pain relief to protect your knee from further trauma with the help of padding. Knee pads help you to control the pain and prevent the joint from suffering a repetitive injury.

• Giving your knee some rest can be an effective measure by giving it sufficient time to recover from the injury.

• One can also opt for a wrap or a brace that compresses the knee. Compression allows you to reduce the swelling and keeps the kneecap aligned. Do not wrap the brace firmly as it may reverse the effect and leads to more swelling of the knee. Remember, the use of knee brace will not help you to recover from the knee injury; rather it is one of the means to get relief from pain.

• Elevating the knee also assists in reducing the inflammation and swelling. This mechanism works on the principle of gravity to help fluid flow to the central circulation that would have otherwise built up within the knee.

Finally, if you are already suffering from knee pain here are some strategies to cope:

• Support your leg up when you’re sitting. You can probably also elevate the injured area on a cushion or pillow while applying ice.

• Instant pain relief sprays and rubs are also a good solution to get relief.

• Always consult your doctor before opting for any of the measures to prevent knee problems.