Relocating to Canada becomes easier when the candidates use the Saskatchewan provincial nominee program and Express Entry in Canada immigration. These programs such as PNPs and Express Entry employ rapid procedure techniques to shortlist the eligible candidates so that they can enter Canada within a span of 6 months. PNPs are explicit to a province and one should satisfy its own objectives to relocate in Canada immigration. Saskatchewan PNP is one such kind of program that shortlists the skilled foreigners based on the qualifying rules imposed on it.

Qualifying Rules of Saskatchewan PNP in Canada immigration:

The eligibility always relies on the parameters associated to different programs in Canada immigration. One should satisfy the general list of conditions as a pre requisite to relocate to Canada. The factors such as Occupation, age, education level, and experience level in the skilled occupation, expertise in English or French language, adaptability to live in Canada after immigration need to fulfilled by the candidates if they desire to relocate to Canada. There are other requirements associated with each province that one should qualify along with the general parameters. The qualifying rules of Saskatchewan PNP in Canada immigration include the following:

  • Should score at least qualifying marks on the Canadian Language Benchmark-4
  • Should finish post-secondary preparation, education or apprenticeship contrasted to the education system in Canada of one year
  • If you are an individual who completed your studies outside Canada, the you should submit your credential assessment allotted by the selected firms
  • Should possess one-year work experience in skilled jobs
  • Should possess Two-year work experience in Skilled Trade work
  • Should offer your professional status proofs
  • Should provide settlement fund and settlement scheme proofs

The list of demanding occupations in Saskatchewan:

  • Land Surveyors and Accounting technicians
  • Managers in social services and community services
  • Tailors and Dress Makers, Furriers and Milners
  • Medical Sonographers and Medical Radiologists Technologists
  • Meat cutters, bakers, Glaziers
  • Heavy Duty Equipment, Mechanics and Mechanical repairers,
  • Early Childhood Educators
  • Appliance Services and Repairers
  • Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers
  • Conference and Event planners
  • Psychologists
  • Paramedical Workers
  • Social and Community Service Workers
  • Technical Occupations in Geomantic Meteorology
  • Medical lab Technologists
  • Motor Vehicle Body Repair
  • Program Leaders and instructors in recreation, sports and fitness
  • And Instructors of disabled persons.

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