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Ministry of transport checks vehicle roadworthiness and then gives a certificate based on the inspections carried out at authorized service centres. A vehicle with pass MOT status is eligible to be used on the roads. The MOT certificate is valid for a period of one year. Next year again the vehicle owner has to avail for the MOT test to use the vehicles on the road. But what happens if the vehicle fails an MOT test.

The MOT inspection results under Fail can be labelled into two categories which are as follows:

• MOT fail as dangerous: this outcome makes your vehicle unfit for use on the roads.

• MOT fails as Major: this outcome makes your vehicle unfit for use, but it gives you an opportunity to get the issues highlighted by the MOT test to be fixed as quickly as possible. Without a fix, you cannot drive the vehicle.

When your vehicle fails an MOT test the vehicle owner is given a refusal certificate. You shall be given a list of reasons why your vehicle has failed for the MOT thus giving you a clear indication of what has to be fixed. For example, your emission failures can be due to duct pipe breakage and this may require welding job to be done. Get these listed failures repaired as soon as possible. If all the listed repairs are done within 10 days of time, then MOT retest can be availed for free, and this is known as partial re-examination.

Generally, the partial re-examination of the MOT test Leamington Spa examines the following parts:

• Wheels and tyres and the brake mechanisms

• Boot lids and bonnets

• Indicators, lamps, registration plates

• Seat belts, fuel caps, doors, dashboard warnings

• Mirrors and reflectors, windscreens, Wipers

• Steering wheels and seats

But if the reasons for the failure of the MOT test are not under the above partial re-examination list, then one is required to pay for the re-test of the MOT as a second full test. Remember driving without a valid MOT test can lead to legal action against you. So you must arrange to have a valid MOT certificate to drive the vehicle.

Over the years of research on MOT tests, it is found that 50% of the MOT failures can be avoided by carrying out simple and regular vehicle maintenance by the vehicle owners.  Research facts reveal that nearly 30% of the MOT tests faults are due to the issues related to signalling and lights of the vehicle. Nearly 10 % of the MOT tests faults are due to ignorance of tyre conditions and the tyre pressures. Other common reason for the failure of MOT includes faults in mirrors, washers, seat belts etc. Thus, if you regularly take your car for service, and get it maintained then you are sure to get a valid MOT certificate easily.

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