In today’s world, being technologically advanced will give enterprises an edge over competitors in the market. To stay in the rat race, retain and expand the customer base, business enterprises will have to focus on multiple aspects simultaneously. From ensuring the quality of the products to releasing them first in the market, providing good customer service, keeping employees satisfied, enterprises will need to make sure that each department, each section is working in sync with others to achieve the desired results.

But for enterprises to keep themselves updated about the latest changes in technology, to decide which technological update would suit their requirements, to buy or adopt and implement the changes is a complex and complicated task. Expert guidance and help are required to successfully upgrade the entire business system of an enterprise with no glitches and train the employees to understand and work on the new system with increased efficiency.

This is where technology services companies  steps into the picture. The engineers and architects who have more than 20+ and 30+ years of experience, the company handles various aspects of the re-building the business system of an enterprise with expertise.

Partnering with Microsoft, Octopus Deploy, Red-gate, and Jet Brains, the company provides services to fix the software delivery and use Dev-ops pipelines to automate the deployment process for software development and production.

Below is a list of services provided to the enterprises to help them with the business systems.

  • Legacy Software Modernization

    • Software that becomes old does not automatically become useless. Older Microsoft-based software custom systems can be modernized instead of rebuilding or rewriting the whole things.
    • Modernization can be completed for a cost that is a fraction of the cost it takes to rebuild. It will still provide enterprises with reliable and up to date technology.
  • DevOps Implementation

    • A set of software development practices that combine information technology operations and software development to shorten the life cycle of system development while delivering features and updates frequently.
    • The company ensures that the Dev-ops are implemented in weeks instead of months and provide quicker results for the enterprise.
    • Dev-ops help in designing the deployment pipeline & release processes, establishing reliable test automation and integrating deployment automation across environments.
    • It will also help in training the staff and gaining mastery of complex environments to accelerate time to market the software and eliminate delays in production.
    • Dev-ops will help reduce the testing and deployment costs and unlock greater productivity in the team.
    • Continuous Delivery is a critical automation processof Dev-ops and allows the constant changes in code through the test and environments.
    • This is done to ensure that the final product is according to the quality standards of the enterprise and also to see to it that there are no disruptions in production.
  • Software Development and Team Building

    • Software can either push an enterprise to the top position in the market or dump in at the bottom with little hope of revival.
    • With the right kind of software and business system, an enterprise can grow rapidly despite the competition. But, for enterprises to understand and realize when they need the software update or when they should go for new software can be a tough decision.
    • New software would cost enterprises a lot of money. Not all enterprises can afford to spend as much. Clear Measure  has simplified the process by offering custom software.
    • Changes are made to the existing business system by adding custom screens, custom tables, fields, etc. and custom integrations to turn it into custom software.
    • The process is cost-effective and can be developed in the primary language the enterprises select along with the run-time environment.
  • Azure Consulting and Cloud Migration

    • Moving the business system to a cloud platform will provide enterprises with a lot of advantages.
    • By migrating to Azure, enterprises can reduce the costs they will incur by maintaining the data center and updating it regularly.
    • The existing systems were created for specific topology. Migrating to the cloud would mean things would work differently.
    • The process has to be handled by experts to avoid any misstep as the daily operations are dependent on the stability and performance of the systems.
    • The company provides a written analysis and recommendations for the enterprises after thoroughly checking their systems. Enterprises can make a decision based on the recommendations.
    • The company will also create a system and environment architecture once the migration is complete.
    • By working with Microsoft development technologies, the company knows how to handle the ARM templates and infrastructure.

The company will enable enterprises to become high-quality, high-speed software factory by using the expert services provided to modernize and optimize the business systems.