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The vehicles of the tyres bear the entire load of the passengers and are under constant stress. They can get damaged due to numerous reasons and even you may not be aware that you’re your tyres have a problem. One of the common types of damage a tyre experiences is irregular wear. It is necessary to identify the wear and get the tyre repaired or replaced at the earliest to ensure safety on roads.

Types of Wear and their causes

The tyre irregular wear can be caused due to improper wheel alignment, due to improper tyre balances, driving the vehicle with more load capacity, hitting on potholes, or the tread may get old due to continuous usage. The types of wear and their cause’s tyres Small Heath experience are as follows:

• Heel and Toe wear: Tread and sipes help the tyres to provide the necessary grip and safety especially on wet surfaces. Some tyres consist of cross-grooves which help in water drainage and form a shoulder block pattern on the outer surface of the tyre. These shoulder block patterns due to rolling of tyre especially in long journeys or due to misalignment of camber suspension mechanism wear out in a pattern resembling heel and toe pattern. The freestanding shoulder blocks when in contact with the road while rolling deform and when they lose the road they come back to the original shape while rubbing the surface on the road. Due to this, the surface under contact wears out on the edges of the block. Generally, a small amount of heel and toe wear is not a matter of concern but it can become a serious issue if the wear is extensive.

• Tread centre wear: This happens when the tread centre portion experiences heavy wear. This type of wear happens when the vehicles are driven at high torque levels especially accelerating suddenly and stopping suddenly in urban traffic areas.

• Wear which is one-sided: When the vehicle wheel alignment is effected and the vehicle is in use for a longer time then the tyres Alum Rock experience wear and this causes one-sided wear. Sometimes the lowering of the height of the cars can also impact the wheel alignment, suspension mechanism and thus can be a reason to put in more stress on the tyres. Due to such misalignment of the suspension mechanisms and wheels the tyres experience un-uniform wear and if left unnoticed it can cause jerkings, deviations from the trajectory, etc.

It is thus, essential to monitor the tyres regularly to rule out their wear and tear due to continuous usage. HLR Tyres takes care of this aspect and when the vehicle comes for a car service we ensure that the tyres are in perfect working state and the wheel alignment is as per the recommended specifications. We provide services of tyre repair, car accessories repair and other car-related services at affordable prices.

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