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Tattoo are hands down the most unique and creative human invention. In today’s age, tattoos are a common thing and also the fun, innovative, and it lets people express through art. Everything about tattoos is fascinating and interesting and creates curiosity to know the history, previous techniques and safety precautions taken throughout the years. Here are some intriguing factors about tattoos.

History of Tattoos

It is believed that the term tattoo comes from a Samoan word “tautau” and now it is popularly known as the tattoo. The oldest preserved tattoos are from an iceman. Therefore the body tattoo was invented a very long time ago, and it could be for various reasons.

In the southern part of India, the tattoos are called as “pachakuthu” and were really popular before the 1980s. The tattoos were prominent all around the world for different reasons.


Throughout the years, tattoo practices changed drastically, and there were many innovations and advancements in recent years. In earlier days the needles were used to make a permanent mark in the epidermis of the skin. Nowadays, tattoo guns used for a smoother look and more precision.


In today’s age, the safety precautions for the tattoos have evolved, but it is better to go to the best tattoo studio in Chennai and not take any risks. Ink Pulse is a prominent tattoo shop in the city and practices safe and hygiene way of tattooing. They also offer services in piercing and have special workshops about the tattoos.

Design Evolution

When talking about tattoos design evolution is an important topic. In earlier days, tattoos had different purposes, it is even part of many cultures, and they were seen as sacred things. The designs of the tattoos also changed a lot. Previously it used to be cultural texts and designs which were notable for their tribes. Now anyone can get tattoos in any desired designs and artwork.

The design evolution is a very subjective topic and changes from country to country, even if you take a look into a single country’s tattoo evolution, they are many subcategories to it.

The tattoo is a fascinating subject; there is a lot to research and learn about the history and the techniques used along the years. If you are looking for the well-reputed tattoo parlour with good facilities and excellent tattoo artist, then reach out to Ink Pulse.

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