The joy of dressing is an art!!!


Well, Pencil skirts are one of the most beautiful pieces that every woman should want to possess. Theses skirts flaunt the figure of a woman as it hugs the curves of a woman’s body. Pencil skirts were often seen as formal office wear but these days you do wear them on different occasions like Cocktail parties, casual meet up, formal meetings, etc.


Generally, pencil skirts suit in most of the body shapes, all it just a matter of how you style it. Whatever your body type is, pencil skirts can flatter your figure and make the most out of your favorite accessories. These skirts can be worn with a variety of blouses, shirts, blazers, and any accessories which you can find in your closet. Also, you can wear pencil skirts with Silk Blouse Long Sleeve as it gives the adorable feminine look to your outfit. As everyone has their own style statement. But with a well-fitted pencil skirt, you can flaunt your well-shaped body with confidence.


Today, pencil skirts became one of the most enduring outlines in fashion. It has the ability to give your body figure a flattering look when worn correctly. These skirts give the long lean line whether you tucked it within a shirt or with some belted jacket. Besides, it also shows your legs that keep you decisively feminine.  


Following are Some Latest Ways of Wearing a Pencils Skirt


Wear a Pencil Skirt with Peplum Tops


One of the trending ways to wear a pencil skirt is either with a jacket or peplum top. The belted shape tops make your waist look small. On the other hand, the long pencil skirt gives you a tall and slim look. This outfit looks perfect for creating a waist that looks slimmest. Also, this glamorous and stylish look never goes out of trend. 


Wear the Skirt with a Blouse


Most of the ladies like to wear a pencil skirt with a feminine blouse. Else, opt for something ruffled or sheer tops. The florals and or some other pretty designs of tops can also work with pencil skirts. You can also pair the bow tops with these skirts. In addition to it, use traditional accessories like pearls for having a dazzling feminine look. 


Color Block with Pencil Skirt


Try to wear a pencil skirt with a different type of tops as it gives a cool approach to color blocking. You can also add bags or shoes in two different more colors. The simple and classy designs of pencil skirts give a perfect look to your outfit. 


Use a T-Shirt with Pencil Skirt


Most of the women are associating pencil skirts with office wear. But not now, as you can easily wear these skirts for parties or social gatherings. Wearing pencil skirts with different styles of T-shirt’s gives a perfect combination look. Also, you can dress up the pencil skirt with jewelry like a necklace which gives an elegant look to your outfit. This combo won’t work for an official environment. This combination is perfect in homes or some casual parties or meetings. 


Wear Skirts with Crop-tops


You will be amazed to know that crop tops are back!!! Today, these crop tops come along with more unique and classy styles. Instead of wearing simple cotton tops, these crop tops are available in the different eye-catchy prints. All you just need is to create a sexy and chic look by pairing a crop top with a longer pencil skirt. 


Try Using Leather Pencil Skirt


Want to try simple skirts? Then skip the flippy skater skirts and opt for something flaunting like leather pencil skirts. You will get amazed to know how basic and wearable it is. You can use leather pencil skirts with wool jackets and lacy tops. 


Printed Pencil Skirts


You can wear printed pencil skirts in different styles. These skirts come with classic fabrics such as wool, denim, and lace. These printed pencil skirts are great for fall. Also, it can easily transit to winter with the use of the right accessories.  


Colorful Pencil Skirts


Although, if you are looking to make a statement in offices or just for a fun activity, then you must try the colorful pencil skirts. As it gives the bright and rich color to your outfit. These pencil skirts usually consist of stretches and that makes these colorful pencil skirts ultra-flattering and gives a perfect sense of layering.