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Wedding Photography Trends

A wedding photographer quickly costs $ 750 – $ 1500. Read here what prices you can expect for a wedding photographer if you hire a professional wedding photographer. In general, we recommend not to cut back on your wedding photographer because what you think is saving can lead to regret and stress at your wedding. There may nevertheless be good reasons why you should really save on your wedding and your wedding photographer. That is why we want to give you a number of smart ways here that you can cut back on the budget of your wedding photography so that you spend less, without making your photos look cheap. In the case of the latest wedding photography trends, this is important.

Wedding Photography Trends

There are good and bad ways to save

Below are the ways to save on your wedding photographer and my unsalted opinion about all the advantages and disadvantages and whether or not you should do it at your wedding. We have another article for general wedding photography tips. For wedding photographers in Memphis, you can have the best deal now.

Looking for a very affordable wedding photographer? According to, current trends in photography, we have already selected a number of wedding photographers for you that cost a maximum of $ 100 per hour (on average a wedding photographer costs around $ 150 per hour)! You can easily compare them on price, work area, style, experience, qualifications, location, language skills, and willingness to travel abroad with you, collaboration with a second photographer or videographer in our handy overview of cheap wedding photographers.

Wedding couple on the beach, setting sun

My advice is: compare, compare, compare. It is quite possible that you find two different wedding photographers equally good, but that their prices are different. If you have a click with both and have the same requirements, it is a good way to cut back. If you have found a number of wedding photographers that you think are suitable, you can ask a number of wedding photographers if they are available and if they want to give you a cost estimate or quote. Our research shows that you can save on average 20% -30% by requesting different offers and rates and end up with a lower rate! However, never choose a photographer whose style, method or personality doesn’t appeal to you no matter how cheap he or she is! On your wedding day, you want someone you trust and with whom it clicks. This is a part of the Photography style now.

Save by simply doing nothing at all

You can, of course, choose not to book wedding photography at all. And in some cases, it might be better to have beautiful memories than cheap and ugly photos. It is definitely the cheapest way and you will save the most, but I would not recommend it anyway. In this list are some better ways to save a lot or all of your budget for a wedding photographer and still have photos. With Weds Photography you can find the best deal now.

A love shoot instead of wedding photography

Love shoot, heart, hands

If a full photo shoot at your wedding costs too much money, you can consider doing a love shoot. You can even choose to do the photo shoot at your wedding dress a few days before the wedding. You then have beautiful wedding photos, which you can possibly have a photo album made of and which you can share with your guests. The cost of a good photo shoot will soon be $ 500 – $ 1,000 lower than wedding photography since the photographer is present for much fewer hours.

Consider renting or creating a photo booth

Photobooths are mainly used during the party. You can already rent a photo column from $ 149 including prints. Also read our blog about 200+ photo booths that can be rented and that you should pay attention to.

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