With the growing technology, the number of on-demand services in the market is also increasing. Currently, dating has also been digitized, and people prefer this app as it provides a secure dating experience to users across the globe. As a business person, you can also launch a dating platform like Tinder in a few days in the market. With a robust app and the right marketing strategies, your Tinder clone app will be a hit in the market.

What are the sources that help you make money using the dating platform?

The online dating app is a highly income-generating platform. It has multiple sources of revenue as listed below:


You can offer several subscription packages in the app for your customers. Users can choose a suitable package, and pay a fixed sum of money to subscribe to it and it will be valid for a limited period. After it expires, customers have to renew their subscription by paying again.

Purchase premium features:

The dating app can provide a set of advanced or premium attributes like emojis, GIFs, etc., that customers can purchase via the online app for a fixed fee. This will be an added source of revenue.

Integrate third-party services:

Additional third-party services such as flower delivery, gift delivery, ticket booking, and more can be included in the app. Customers can use these services to plan their special dates. They can specify the delivery address of the recipient and get flowers or a special gift delivered as a gesture of their love.


You can also get into paid partnerships with other brands and host their ads on the dating platform for which you will receive a fixed amount. After the validity period, they can choose whether to continue displaying ads in your app. If yes, then the brand owners will pay as per the contract.

Quick matching:

This feature will help users match their profiles with other profiles without any limitations. They have to pay to avail this attribute and can find their match easily.

Interact with unmatched profiles:

If users want to communicate with users of the unmatched profile, they can do so by subscribing to this feature. With the help of the chat facility, users can talk with unmatched profile users.

What are the add-ons included in the dating app?

The app comes with several add-ons that will make the dating platform an optimal one. They are listed below:

Live streaming:

Users can go live via this online app, and other unrestricted users can join the live session if required.

Multi-language display:

The app can be displayed in any language of the user’s choice. This add-on will help users across the globe to access your app. The language can be set at the time of registration or later by navigating to settings.

Chat translators:

If users receive a message in an unknown language, the chat translator integrated into the app will translate the message to a language that users understand.

Editing pictures:

Users can edit their photos before uploading them to the dating app. Filters, beauty enhancements, and more editing tools are available in the app.

Audio messages:

Users will be able to send voice messages to their dates with the help of this add-on. Thye can press and hold the microphone icon to record a message and press the send button.

Message via videos:

App users can also record a video message and send it to other users when needed. It will help them connect better with each other.

Authorized log in:

An authentication process has to be completed after users register with the app. They will receive a unique code or OTP to their phone numbers, and they will have to enter the code in the app to complete the verification process.

Chat encryption:

Users’ chats are secured with the end-to-end encryption technique. With this add-on, no unauthorized access will be allowed.

Smart face recognition:

The tinder clone app will have an additional face recognition add-on that will help users log in to the app securely. No one except the registered user will be able to get access to the app.

How do you develop a robust Tinder clone app?

There are several phases that should be carried out to build a feature-rich and optimal app solution:

Business idea and requirements:

Once you choose a suitable app development firm, you have to explain your business ideas to the experts and frame a set of requirements for your business. These requirements will be the base for building an efficient app.

In-depth analysis:

The experts at the firm should then conduct a feasibility study and analyze the market scenario to better understand what works in the market. Marketing strategies should also be framed in order to help you reach users in a short time.

Feature-set and layout:

Based on the requirements and market analysis outcome, you have to decide on the features to be available in the app. The app design should be done in this phase, and the UI should be attractive enough to gain more users. A working prototype should also be built, and after your approval, you can move on to the next phase.

Dating app development:

Before developing the app, the technology stack of the app should be finalized. Ensure that the latest technologies and tools are used to build your app.

Testing the app:

The online dating app should be tested based on various parameters, such as security, performance, etc. The app should succeed in all the tests before proceeding to the next stage.

App launch:

After proper approval, the app should be launched on multiple platforms to help you gain more customers.

Summing up:

Build a digitized and robust online dating app that will help users find their perfect match and, in turn, help you generate increased revenue. Get in touch with the best app development company in town to launch your business in a short amount of time.