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Managing a successful taxi business can always be onerous and confusing. Maintaining manual records, assigning drivers, handling payments, and more makes the owner tired. In the traditional method, there is a lot of room for error as the taxi business owner will miss out on customers, mention the location incorrectly, lose any record, and more. Luckily, all of  these limitations can be surpassed by the Uber like app as it helps you manage your business and handle each task effortlessly. It is a highly effective tool that will help you gain a large customer base within a short span of time. 

Potential benefits of an Uber like app:

The Uber clone app has a handful of advantages that will help the administrator manage the business efficiently, provide the driver with a fixed income, and help the user avail a cost-efficient ride. Its benefits include:

  • Users can get a ride in a few seconds using this taxi app. 
  • The app is easy to operate and available to everyone free of cost. 
  • The drivers will be able to work at any time of the day. The work hours are flexible. 
  • They get a commission for each ride they offer and other referral rewards. 
  • Customers can travel with comfort at nominal prices. 
  • The administrator will be able to manage the business efficiently. 

Key attributes of a taxi app like Uber:

This section of the article will give an insight into the mandatory features to be present in the Uber clone app you develop. The app has three key panels, namely: User panel, driver panel, and the admin panel. The features of each panel are elaborated below:

User Dashboard:

Easy communication:

The user and the driver can communicate easily with each other. Contact information such as name, phone number, and more are displayed in the app. 

Reviews and ratings:

Based on the travel experience, the users and the drivers can rate and review each other on a scale of 1 to 5. 

Edit/cancel bookings:

The customer can modify the location details, pick-up point, drop point, and more quickly. Rides can also be cancelled if not required. 

Live location: 

Users and drivers can have access to each others’ live location. 

Social media account login:

Login is possible via the users’ Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Google+ account. 

Choose your ride:

The app offers different types of rides, such as hatchback, SUV, etc.

Favourites’ list:

The users will be able to add drivers to their favourite’s list. Users can choose their favourite driver if they are available in the future. 

Pay easily:

Anyone of the secure payment gateways available in the app can be used to pay for the ride taken. 

Administrator dashboard:

Fixing fares:

The administrator can fix a base fare or modify it for each type of ride available. 

God’s eye view:

The heatmap, past rides, and the ongoing rides can be viewed by the admin at any time. 

Easy money transfer:

The earnings of the driver can be transferred to their account instantly by the admin. 

Promo codes and offers:

They can also create offers and promo codes for the users to redeem. 

Surge prices:

With increasing demand, the administrator will have the privileges to increase the price for each ride. 


Daily, weekly, and monthly earnings reports can be viewed by the administrator if needed. This will help them keep track of the earnings. 

Wallet access:

Each user will have a separate wallet in the app to which they can add money, and only the administrator will have access to it. 

Driver dashboard:

Call with a single tap:

The driver has to tap the call button to make a call to the customer. If they have any queries, they can contact the customer. 

Earnings statement:

Earnings for each ride will be recorded to the driver’s profile, and they can access it when required. 

Fixed income:

With this app, the drivers will take up rides daily and earn a profitable income every day. 

Availability toggle:

Using the availability slide bar, the driver can display their status of availability. 

Street view mode:

The drivers’ panel will display the map in a street view mode that will help them navigate easily while driving. 

Language settings:

The driver has the option to view the app in the language of their choice. 

Reject/accept requests:

The facility to accept or reject a ride request will be available for the driver. Rejecting requests can be done on the basis of distance, fare, and more. 

Ratings and feedback:

They can rate the customer and specify feedback in the app under the respective section.

How do you identify the best Uber clone app in the market?

There are a few factors that will help any entrepreneur understand if they are purchasing an Uber clone app that is the best and worth the money they spend. Listed below are the factors:

Highly scalable:

Your development should be supported by the app development company. They should be willing to enhance the app and its features with your varying business needs. 

Turnkey app solutions:

The app developed by the experts should be able to adapt to the business needs efficiently. Clone apps are turnkey solutions that will effortlessly adapt and help you develop your taxi business. 

White-labeled product:

The white-labeled app solution designed by the developers will help you replace their brand name with your brand logo and name.  The source code will also be handed over to the client once the development phase is complete. 

Budget-friendly apps:

The Uber clone app is an affordable app solution that consists of several features and developed using the latest technologies and tools. 

Native app development:

The developers should make sure that the app is compatible with Android as well as iOS platforms. 

Wrapping up:

The Uber clone app is a cost-efficient solution that will help the small and medium scale entrepreneurs launch their business. Hire the best app development company to build an optimized app and launch it in the market to gain more customers and generate higher revenue.

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