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The boxes and cases have been since ancient times. It was the needs that required easiness and accessibility of the products and items, which led to the creation of the box. In the old times, the cases were merely used to store items for the safekeeping and to increase the spaciousness of the room or the floor. These boxes help to contain various amount of materials in a single space without consuming too much area. After this reason, the use of boxes started expanding.

The use of transportation started and this led towards the boxing of items into wooden cases to ensure the safety of the products. Moreover, carts were used to transport the goods within a state or a country to transport goods like grains, rice, fruits, etc. stored in these wooden boxes.

Times changed and it changed the use of boxes too. At this point in time, boxes are mostly used as the packaging material for goods and products for several reasons. Some of the most important reasons are as follows:

  • For shipping of goods.
  • Safety while shipping.
  • Marketing of products.
  • Preservation of eatables.
  • To enhance brand image.

Several types of materials are used to manufacture the boxes to ensure safety and to enhance the image of the brand. These materials include the Kraft sheets, Cardboards, Corrugated paper, Metal, Glass, and Plastics. All of these materials play distinctive roles in the packaging industry.

One of the most enhanced and popular ways of packaging is the use of cardboard boxes. These boxes are easily available in the market as thousands of vendors are available who deal in the manufacturing of these cases.

This section is all about the creation of customized cases made out of cardboards at homes. It is not an easy task to make a custom packaging while sitting at home but there are several ways to make one. It is difficult just because of the factor of being time-consuming, but it is possible.

Follow the DIY:

One of the best ways to make custom printed cardboard boxes at home is to follow the DIY’s that are available online. There are various videos of tutorials, which can be followed in order to make the perfect packaging for your product while sitting at home. All that is needed is to follow a simple tutorial systematically by following the steps.

A very easy way is described to make your own custom cardboard box. Follow the following steps:

  • Select a cardboard sheet.
  • Decorate it beforehand before proceeding, if required.
  • Take a scale to draw a line that is close to one of the edges of the cardboard.
  • Divide the length, which is remaining, into 4 equal sessions.
  • Score the equal sessions of the box so that they can bend.
  • Bend the lines.
  • Divide the length of the box into two sections and draw flaps that are perpendicular to the sides.
  • Use scissors to cut the flaps, all of them.
  • Bend the scored lines and shape it into a box, use tape for securing the shape.
  • Fold the base.
  • Tuck the flaps that are on the top together and you have your customized box.

By following this way, you can easily manufacture your own cardboard box. If you want, a case to hold more materials, for instance, a case that is longer in size. You can follow the following steps:

  • Undo the flaps of the already made box by following the previous steps.
  • Attach them together with the help of tape.
  • Attach two or more than two, according to the requirements.
  • Tape them, use paint or colours to design the case.

Use your Imagination:

Other than following any kind of DIY tutorial, there are more ways, which can be used in the manufacturing of a cardboard case while sitting at home. All that is needed is some good quality cardboards and imagination.

Every mind is different; therefore, everyone has his or her own creative ideas of making a box. Using the product and cutting the cardboard sheets by placing the product inside and taping them all together by the use of tapes, glue, staplers, etc. can help you get perfect packaging.

Moreover, there must be several other ways, which needs exploration.

Assistance by Local Manufacturers:

Some local manufacturers deal in the custom cardboard boxes wholesale. These manufacturers are everywhere as the demand for these boxes is massive. Therefore, contacting them and asking them for assistance, or just the ideas, can help you to create your own packaging for the products that you need.

Other than these ideas, there are several other ways of creating cardboard cases. These ideas include the use of an online website by the vendors who deal in these cases. They have editable templates, which can be edited very easily in terms of the size, colour, quantity, material, etc. of the boxes.

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