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Enhance your skill set by bringing your SEO knowledge to the world of computer programming.

Today’s marketplace demands that SEO practitioners understand more about website development than ever before. You don’t have to know programming to be good at SEO, but a genuine technical SEO has the ability to develop a website using nothing more than a text editor.

What SEO practitioners and web developers have in common is that we all use search extensively as part of our jobs, although each profession’s particular searches are quite different. As a technical SEO or SEO developer you’re going to search for programming error messages you encounter to solve specific problems when you get stuck.

A new series to learn programming for SEO

As a search professional, you have an advantage over others learning to program who don’t have an SEO background. That being said, it can be difficult to navigate the information on programming for SEO that is distributed across the web. There are standalone articles, including pieces from Google, that tackle intriguing but highly specific subject matter for developers. Important but isolated blog posts can be hard to understand when you’re just starting out. Courseware on programming languages can prove disappointing.

If you are looking for a path from SEO to technical SEO or SEO Developer, then you should follow the developer works.

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