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Dust is an unavoidable issue in many industries and worksites. These are tinny and irrelevant particles that can negatively impact on your business ability. With these, other issues like high maintenance, employee health, and inventory are also affected. Therefore, dust control solutions are widely accepted by various manufacturers and contractors around the world. 

There are two major types of dust collection systems, i.e., DRY DUST COLLECTION and WET DUST COLLECTION. Dry dust is collected in bags, and then after filtering particles dispose of elsewhere, whereas, in wet dust collection, water is sprayed through guns to control dust at site. Here, we have some other reasons for using a dust control system. But before discussing reasons, let’s know five major dust control system.

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5 Common Dust Collection And Control Systems For Industries And Construction Sites
5 Advantages Of Using Dust Control Solution
Reduces Dust Explosions Risk
Safety From Health Hazards
Reduces Cleaning And Maintenance Cost
Improved Visibility is A Signal of Work Safety
Compliance With Safety Standards & Regulations
Bottom Line

5 Common Dust Collection And Control Systems For Industries And Construction Sites

Here we have some critical dust collection and control system:

1. Inertial separators

This dust collection system uses air in different directions and then put dust out of the airstream into a pocket. The rapid change in air directions helps the debris and dust to move through the system.

2. Electrostatic Precipitators

Electrostatic precipitators are mainly used by metallurgical, cement, and electrical power industries. This equipment traps fine particulate matter in applications. All the particles are electrically charged as they pass these electrodes then move through the electrostatic field to a grounded collection.

earthmoving equipment australia

3. Fabric Filters

These filters are also called baghouses. You can enjoy high-quality filtration compared to other filtration systems because it uses temperature resistant fabrics to find small and large dust particles.

4. Wet Scrubbers

This system collects dust and gas contaminants. The filter process includes the usage of water and sprays guns to collect contaminants and recycling collecting particles. It is highly used in construction sites during the demolition process.

5.Unit Collector

This system uses a fabric collector or airflow for the collection of dust and debris in a specific area. But this system takes little time to control dust at site or industry. If you are working in less contaminated areas, this solution is perfect for your site.

5 Advantages Of Using Dust Control Solution

1. Reduces Dust Explosions Risk

If you did not take adequate measures to control dust, it could be quite harmful to your worksite. It gets accumulated in the atmosphere and forms dust clouds that have an ill effect on human health. Even sometimes, these dusty clouds contain flammable dust particles that can become a reason for the explosion.
Similarly, if dust particles settle on the machine, it affects the machine’s cooling capacity. As a result, the machine gets overheated and can catch fire easily. The fire spread from dust particles also leads to costly damage to machines and employees.

earthmoving equipment australia

2. Safety From Health Hazards

Inhaling dust particles deteriorates human health. Therefore, several respiratory diseases like chronic obstructive airway diseases, chronic bronchitis, asthma, and even cancer can affect your employees. Some of the other common problems are eye irritation, coughing, irregular heartbeat, and sneezing are highly suspected at dusty sites.
Therefore, it is essential to use Dust Control Solutions at your site. Otherwise, you will need to regularly deal with employee absenteeism. This will also lead to project delivery time behind schedule. And you will be losing a big profit.

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3. Reduces Cleaning And Maintenance Cost

Cleaning and maintenance costs at working sites grab lots of time and cost. You need to hire additional labor, and while they will be working, it will affect your site completion working. On the other hand, if you do not pay attention to dust cleaning, it will affect your machinery, walls, ceiling, and other equipment. As a result, it could be a little tedious task for you. But, using dust control equipment is a great choice. You will not bear additional costs of hiring extensive labor and paying them wages. Whereas installing a dust control system at your site will complete all tasks easily.

earthmoving equipment australia

4. Improved Visibility is A Signal of Work Safety

Dust affects the vision of workers. Especially when an employee is working on a construction site or in an industry that deals with a powdery substance. Some of the employees also found using safety goggles, but these are not a perfect solution where high dust particles found. Goggles keep on wrapping dust particles. If construction is done on residential sites, there are high chances of accidents in these areas.

5. Compliance With Safety Standards & Regulations

All industries require to comply with state and federal safety standards and norms. One of the rules is to keep your industry safe and free from dust particles. Otherwise, a big amount of penalties can be charged on owners. Therefore, it is important to protect the profit margin and employee by installing dust control equipment at the site.

Bottom Line

Dust control solutions have great importance in almost every industry. Most government takes serious actions against the business violating industrial standards. Therefore, it is great to install dust control solutions at your site. Bear in mind, always choose a trusted seller for the quality of earthmoving equipment Australia. As this equipment will work long-lasting.

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