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Yes, you got it right. Whenever it comes to your self-defense, you have a right to protect yourself with a weapon. Either it is a knife or a rifle, self-defense requires the danger to be cut out of one’s way. You should protect yourself when someone bigger or dangerous than you is about to attack you or is attacking you. In this situation, you are rightful to protect yourself. Drawing a knife is okay when there’s an assault. But when there’s an older revenge, this is totally illegal to take revenge using a knife.

Use of knife is legal only in a situation when you are sure that there is someone up for a deadly attack on you. You cannot use any other weapon in your self-defense when you are caught in the grasp of someone. In this case, you can use your pocket knife to attack the attacker and stab his hands and body to get out of the grasp. For this, the best self-defense knives are damascus folding knives which can easily fit into your pocket and get out of it whenever you want. And the most interesting thing about these knives is they cannot be seen by the attacker when he is over you. The quicker you will use it the quicker you will be able to put it to work and make protect yourself by stabbing the attacker.

Now, when you have your pocket knife in your hand and you are putting it to work then make sure you do not stab yourself. Make protect yourself first from your weapon. Try to stab the hands of attacker first. Be brave and use as much force as you can to stab. And you will  get a chance to make yourself safe, no matter how big the attacker is.

Moreover, be wise at the time of the stabbing. Do not be overexcited. You can get arrested on hurting someone so harshly that you become the attacker in the eyes of law. I am pretty sure that if you play wisely in this game, you can succeed. Because when you are all tied in someone’s grasp, there are very low chances of behaving wisely and staying in your senses. So, try as much as possible to keep your senses and tools sharp.

The right people and the right use of knife in self-defense, both make it dangerous as well as useful at the same time.

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Here are the top legal techniques to use knives in self-defense:

  • Learn your area’s laws regarding carrying knives: In most places, Bowie knives such as damascus bowie knives, foldable knives damascus folding knives, and other hunting-style knives are almost universally legal to own and to carry.
  • Choose a suitable knife for self-defense: Typically, knives with blades 5 to 7 inches long are used for self defense. But the things which matter the most are size of blade and style of using it. However, the techniques matter more whether it be a fixed blade tactical knife or a foldable hunting knife.
  • Draw your knife: If someone emerges up in a threatening manner to you, you should look at their hands and pockets. In case you see a weapon with them, draw your knife immediately.
  • Avoid fighting: If you both are carrying knives, don’t get into a fight. Fighting with a knife does not require involvement, but it wants you to move away and out of reach of attackers knife. So keep your body away from the knife and keep dodging.
  • Drawal of knife: You can carry folding knives in pocket, although this process can make drawing knife slow. Try practicing a foldable knife with a thumb ramp and a quick-flip thumb stud to open it. This can make attack as quick as possible, after the drawal. You need to experiment with different knives for self defense.
  • Grip: You should hold the knife by firm grip with your fingers wrapped around completely, and the blade facing out from you upwards. Basically, this is the hammer grip.
  • Keep your body away from and behind the knife.
  • Act like you’re a knife master: If you are a beginner and don’t know how to use a knife in self defense, just act like you are a master in it. Most often, attackers don’t attack, they just need something from you – thugs. So, just pose to be a knife master and the attacker would run away.
  • Disarm your attacker: If you feel like things are getting out of control, disarm your attacker with your defense knife. For this and to thrust and stab, edged weapon like damascus folding knives are used.

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