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Generators offer an alternate source of energy and are a useful asset for homeowners. These electricity-producing devices not only save us from financial expenses but also keep our families and businesses safe. There have been many incidents of looting during the storms in the past. With a security system armed you can stay or leave home with total peace of mind knowing your property will remain safe from prowlers even during incremental weather.

For homes located in the storm-prone areas a generator that is designed to run for longer hours is better. These days, manufacturers pay special attention to the changing needs of the market and come up with the latest features to win a better market share. The WiFi capable generators can be a good addition to your assets. Users can get maintenance prompts and check the oil levels, engine temperature and runtime from remote locations using their cell phones, tablets, and laptops. The WiFi software also allows you to get in touch with the service technician promptly if there is any problem with the system.

There are two types of generators when it comes to the cooling system, air-cooled and liquid-cooled. Manufacturers use the size of the generator as a determinant factor for the cooling system. The air-cooled units are usually smaller as compared to the liquid-cooled generators. The combustion cycle in the generator produces a lot of heat, and for this reason, air or liquids are used to keep the interior components cool to prevent damage.

When used for extended periods the air-cooled models heat up sooner than the liquid-cooled ones. For extended use, the liquid-cooled generators perform a lot better. This makes them a better choice for homes, and businesses located in areas prone to blackouts. When you plan to buy a unit for your house, look at all the useful features and make sure it is right for you. These days, more homeowners are opting for the user-friendly models that are low maintenance. Prices may be on the higher side but you can always get financing. Having peace of mind is better than saving money on generators that may not perform well for long durations.

Generators are a very complicated device and the one that is easy to use and maintain is more preferable. Automation is in and most of the new models have the preventive safety systems that protect the engine. The digital controllers of the unit shut the engine down in case of low oil level or high engine temperature and so forth.

Liquid-cooled standby generators made by Kohler and Generac come with an automatic transfer switch. Within a few seconds, the generator begins to supply electricity to your air conditioners and other home appliances in the event of a blackout. There are many benefits of an automatic generator that has the 12 or 16 circuit transfer switch. It allows you to use only as much power as you need by using only the essentials or specific rooms. By spreading the load on various circuits users can increase the run time of the generator.

Air-cooled generators have a system that takes in cooler air from the atmosphere and then blows it internally from corner to corner of the generator set. These types of generators are usually portable and generate only up to 22 kilowatts. The air-cooled system could be either open ventilated or completely enclosed. In open ventilated subsystems, air from the atmosphere is taken in and then released into the atmosphere. With an enclosed ventilation system the air gets re-circulated internally to cool down the parts. Due to heat, there can be oil breakdowns or engine failure. Maintenance is also a bit more complex with air-cooled engines.

Liquid-cooled standby generators are more preferable as their cooling system is more effective. These types of engines run more efficiently and use oil and coolants to keep the internal generator parts from heating. Many Kohler models come with the protective systems that warn users about the temperature of the generator in prompts. Users can check maintenance prompts on their cell phones and tablets from anywhere in the world. A radiator and a water pump is part of the design. The water pump is responsible for dispensing the coolant to the engine block using the hoses. The engine heat gets transferred to the coolant that goes through the radiator to get cooled by air. In air-cooled engines, the design is simpler and thus the cost is also lower.

The radiator, water pump and hoses increase the cost of production and this is why liquid-cooled are a bit more expensive as compared to the air-cooled generators. Liquid-cooled standby generators are heavy-duty and stronger. There are many reliable makes and models offered online to choose from. These generators continue to produce power for your home appliances until utility power is back on.

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