Packaging is one of the most important parts of production of any products. It provides protection to the products during storage and transit. The manufacturers of the products need to understand that the quality of packaging hampers the quality of the products inside the packaging as bad quality packaging can compromise with the safety of products from external factors such as  dust, moisture etc. This is why the manufacturers of the packaging materials need to understand that the quality of the packaging materials such as corrugated boxes must be tested thoroughly to ensure the best strength of the packaging used in different industries. To test the quality of packaging, there is need to precise and sophisticated instruments and mechanisms to ensure the best accuracy of the testing results. Let’s have a closer look at the top 10 testing instruments used in the packaging industry.

Bursting Strength Tester

Bursting strength is the amount of force that a material can bear without having any failure or rupture. This strength saves the packaging containers such as corrugated boxes from failure when they are subjected to such forces during transit. The Bursting Strength is calculated with the help of an instrument named Bursting Strength Tester. The instrument uses hydraulic forces exerted on the specimen to determine the bursting strength which is further used for calculating the burst factor and Burst index of the same material. The instrument can be sued for calculating the bursting strength of a variety of products such as corrugated sheets, cardboard, textiles, paper and so forth.

Box Compression Tester

When the packaging boxes are transported or stored, they are generally stored in stacks. When the stacks of boxes are formed, it exerts extreme compression pressure on the lower layers of the stacks. This can easily deform the boxes to such an extent that they might compromise the safety of the products inside the boxes. This is why the manufacturers need to use Box Compression Tester to calculate the compression strength of the boxes so that they could be stacked accordingly. The Instrument exerts a compressive force on the specimen and calculates the force that has caused deflection in the box. This is termed as the compression strength of the box and helps the manufacturers in determining the best strength of the packaging boxes.

Peel/Seal/Bond Strength Tester

Adhesives are widely used in the packaging industries to ensure proper sealing of the packaging so that the products inside could stay protected until they are delivered to the customers. The peel strength of these adhesives needs to be of top notch so that they could efficiently serve their purpose. The Peel/Seal/Bond Strength Tester is used by the manufacturers of the adhesive such as glues and tapes in the packaging industries to test the efficacy and strength of the adhesives that are being used for packaging so that it could be ensured that the products will stay protected during storage and transportation.

Drop Tester

When the packaging boxes are handled or transported, there are great possibilities that the boxes may drop from a certain height which can cause a deflection or damage to the box that can further compromise the safety of the products. This is why; the manufacturers of the packaging boxes must ensure that the boxes are capable enough to stay intact even if they are dropped from a certain height. The Drop Tester is the instrument that helps the manufacturers in testing the ability of the packaging boxes to survive the drops during transportation and ensures the further safety and quality of the products to be retained.

GSM Round Cutter

GSM or Grammage per Square Meter is one of the most important properties of materials such as corrugated sheets ad paper. It is important for the manufacturers of packaging materials to determine the accurate GSM of the paper or cardboards that are being used for manufacturing the packaging materials so that they could ensure the best strength and quality of the packaging materials that are being manufactured. To calculate the GSM, The GSM Round Cutter is sued that cuts a round shaped specimen from the sample with a precise area of 100 cm2. This round shaped specimen is weighed to calculate the GSM of the materials with great accuracy.

Coefficient Of Friction Tester

Coefficient of friction is the measure of resistance that a material offers when it is slide or rubbed against another surfaces. In case of packaging materials, the coefficient of friction determines the ease of movability of the packaging boxes and also determines the capability of the boxes to resist any rupture or defacing of the packaging due to extreme friction. The coefficient of friction tester helps the manufacturers to determine the maximum amount of friction that a material offers and then optimize the amount of friction to ensure minimal damage to the packaging and also ensure ease of movement of the packages without causing it to slide without application of any force. .

Scuff Resistance Tester

Scuff resistance tester is used to test the resistance that a material offers when two similar surfaces are rubbed against each other. Many times, the printed labels contain vital information regarding the products that can easily be lost by damage due to scuffing. This is widely used for testing the quality of the printed materials that are used in the packaging industries such as the printed labels and their print materials. The Scuff resistance tester efficiently tests the print quality of the products so that it is able to retain its look and feel along with information printed on the labels.

Cobb Sizing Tester

Moisture is one of the most threatening external factor that is can damage the quality and integrity of the packaging boxes during storage and transportation. The Cobb Sizing Tester helps the manufacturers in estimating the maximum amount of moisture and water a packaging material can retain without compromising its structural integrity and without allowing it to reach the box. This way, the instrument helps the manufacturers in increasing the capability of the packaging material to survive the moist conditions they might face during the journey.

Edge Crush Tester

Edge Crush Tester is another popular testing instrument that is used in the packaging industries to estimate the capability of materials such as paper, cardboard and corrugated sheets to resist deflection when a crushing force is applied on the edges of the material. This ensures that the packaging materials will be able to withstand any forces that may be applied on the edges of the materials and ensure better safety of the products during different situations.

Puncture Resistance Tester

Plastic pouches and packaging bags are very prone to punctures and damages that may cause damage to the products quality as well. This is why the manufacturers of the plastic films that are used for making plastic pouches must test their puncture so that it could be ensured accurately that the plastic pouches can be used to provide better protection to the products. To perform this, Puncture Resistance Tester is used. The instrument allows the manufacturers to perform the accurate testing procedures to ensure that the plastic films and pouches are resistant to punctures and is capable of surviving the harsh transportation condition.

With the help of these instruments, the manufacturers in the packaging industries as well as the users of packaging products can ensure the best quality of the packaging used for their products.

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