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Are you diagnosed with a valvular disease? If so, you might need heart valve replacement as treatment. Read on to find out more about heart valve replacement surgery.

 The heart is the most significant human organ. It is responsible for a variety of functions. And therefore, even the slightest performance disturbance might call for replacement surgery. 

Worrying about such a critical operation is quite common. Also, like other cardiac surgeries, Heart valve replacement surgery cost in India is about a few lakhs of rupees. 

However, you must not stress unnecessarily. Valve replacement is one of the most successful treatments. After the surgery, the patient will return to his normal health.

What do you mean by a heart valve replacement?

The heart valves are crucial body elements. They ensure the proper flow of blood through the chambers to other body parts. Yet, in some cases, the valve doesn’t work as efficiently as it is supposed to. A diseased valve needs to be replaced because it may affect other organs and also hinder other orderly processes.

Medical evolution has made it possible to restore the valves based on patient needs and age. A doctor suggests the most suitable procedure based on the patient’s medical records. One may opt for pulmonary valve replacement, double valve replacement, or any other surgery that resolves the cardiac issue.

Life after valve replacement surgery

Heart valve replacement surgery cost in India includes the cost of operation. Medication and other expenses may or may not be included, depending upon the treatment center. The replacement surgery is complete once all the incisions are sewn. It is common to feel a little weak and tired right after the operation. Special care is taken right after the procedure to avoid the chances of complications.

A patient can expect to return to the routine five to eight weeks after he/she has undergone the replacement surgery. The recovery period is reduced if one follows the advised precautions carefully. Besides the precautions, the patient must attend all the scheduled follow-up and feedback sessions.

A change in lifestyle accelerates the recovery process.


  1. Exercise- Physical activities balance blood pressure and maintain body weight. Initially, one may start with short walks and can gradually increase it. First, increase the length of the walking session and then switch to other activities.
  2. Light chores- One must not indulge in household work or errands for the first three weeks. However, resuming to light activities is suggested after that period.
  3. Alter your diet- Eat fresh and healthy food that provides you the necessary nutrients. A balanced diet includes dairy, meat, grains, and a sufficient amount of water. One must also avoid eating sugary foods. Moreover, ensure the consumption of the expert’s recommended medicines.

To sum up:

The heart valve replacement surgery cost in India is a secondary factor in opting for treatment methodology. The primary factor is always the success rate. In the case of valve replacement, the evolution of cardiology techniques has made it possible to live a fulfilling and happy life after the surgery. All patients need to do is make a few modifications in their style of living, and they will feel super healthy soon.


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