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Los Cristianos evolved from an agricultural site to become an International Holiday Resort renowned all over the world for being a quaint harbor town accommodating hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Los Cristianos is famed as an all year round resort due to the most temperate of all climates, exclusive to Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

Los Cristianos translates into English as “The Christians,” a name it was given after it was colonized by the Spanish. At that time one ever knew it was to be developed as a holiday resort, the native Guanches under Spanish control worked the land growing sugar cane catching fish. Prior to that, the Guanches had been living in caves and straw houses leading a blissfully peaceful life in the sun.


Early photos show the landscape cultivated with bananas with a handful of stone-built homes at the start of the 20th Century. There are also photos of straw and timber houses and caves where most of the workers lived at that time. Evidence of the earliest primitive dwellings has long since gone but early cave dwellings in the surrounding hills are still apparent.

If you walk around the old harbor you will see some of the oldest stone buildings they are few and far between but easy to spot. Los Cristianos was always a fishing village but it also became a port when the Spanish colonized the island.


With the onset of the jet age, the potential of the area was realized and gradually Los Cristianos as we know it today became developed as a tourist resort, centered around the harbor area, which retains the beach.

The 1970s saw the construction of many holiday apartment buildings and hotels with swimming pools to cater for the holiday masses. Newly constructed Los Cristianos property also included commercial developments also centered around the port and harbor area. By the late 1970’s Los Cristianos became a peaceful haven for tourists from all over the world.


The development of Los Cristianos property continued through the ’80s and ’90s with much infrastructure being introduced, to support the new development. The resulting development now stretches westwards to link up with neighboring Las Americas and eastwards to the lower reaches of Montana Guaza.

The area northwards up towards the TF1 motorway already has the infrastructure in place for further development and looking at Google Earth satellite images it is fair to say that the developed area is intended to increase by as much as 50%.

The construction of Los Cristianos property was curtailed by a government intent on controlling future development and of course, the global economic downturn which kicked in during the first decade after the millennium.


With the supply of new properties being restricted and prices now at economical levels because of the recession, the further development of Los Cristianos must surely be on the cards during the next decade.


The Government seems to have got the numbers right in terms of types of housing and the future drive is likely to be larger quality units to cater to families who are migrating to Tenerife. If anything there is a shortage of apartments and villas with three or more bedrooms.


Currently, more than 80% of properties in Tenerife are studios and one-bedroom apartments to satisfy the demand for tourism but the future is likely to bring more of a mix of Los Cristianos 

Property. If you are looking for a villa with three or four bedrooms in Tenerife you will be surprised to find how few there are.


One thing is for sure, Los Cristianos is a charming place, brimming with culture and it has a climate which is second to none, especially during the winter months when so many people from colder climates visit the Island.

It will certainly be interesting to see how future property development evolves in Tenerife

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