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lifelike sex doll

Are you looking for ways to live you sensual life to the fullest during quarantine. With cafes, clubs shut and cities in lock down, there is little for young men who are used to busy nightlife. The virtual dating circuit may be some help but when it comes to real means to physically de-stress, there is no choice if you are living away from your partner.

However, technology has ushered a new means for exercising sensual freedom, which looks and feels no less than a real woman, yes, many young men call them artificial women. The lifelike sex doll looks so realistic that fashion photographers use them as models in their projects and art illustrators also use them in their creation.

Indeed, the most realistic sex dolls are made of high quality platinum TPE material and silicone. They have hypoallergenic properties, so they are safe for people who suffer from latex allergies. The light weight steel skeleton makes the doll as flexible as their organic counterpart, although they can be bent in numerous position who you dare not try with real women.

Such is the immense possibilities of these sex dolls, that many doll owners add AI features to make them more than a synthetic paramour. You can program the doll to interact in voices you feed as well as make them warm during cold nights.

The lifelike sex doll can be further customized like you can choose the colour of the skin, hair, eyes, height, body stats and more. If you have a strange fetish, you can add them too, like a anime fan designed an elf sex doll while there are older adults who design their doll to look like their dead wife.

Love dolls are companions for many doll owners and they give names and take them for shopping as well. With increasing people living a lonely life during the surging pandemic, the real doll, brings some solace to their empty bedroom life.

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