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Improvement in technology has motivated people from almost all professions to embrace the new with open arms. The automobile industry has not been an exception. Automakers too did a splendid job in adding safety features to the vehicles for the past few years – from collision warning features, automatic emergency brakes and stability control to lane parting warning systems – and is still progressing. Regrettably, trucks are the forbidden children of the automobile industry who did not adapt to these advanced safety features for the vehicles.

Before discussing further regarding safety measures that could be adopted by commercial trucks to prevent hazardous accidents, it is more important to remember to visit a truck wreck attorney in order to process all the claims related to an accident. Contact an attorney as early as possible, since the period to charge the truck company for legal actions is limited.

Minimizing the Risk of Casualties:

In the last few years, there has been a severe increase in the number of truck accidents. Due to a scarcity of truck drivers and space limitations of goods carriage in trailers, trucking companies impose strict deadlines on the truck drivers. Truck drivers are left with little options other than speeding on road and drive, irrespective of being tired and feeling sleepy through working for stretched hours on the road.

A few of the commercial truck companies added a variety of safety features to reduce the risk of accidents, including the introduction of technology to prevent trucks from sliding onto another lane or with advanced brakes to stop immediately upon anticipation of danger.

Reports prove trucks incorporated with advanced features have consistently improved their safety level. Since it takes time to spread awareness and change things for good, if anyone encounters a truck accident, get in touch with a truck accident lawyer to sort out the case by demanding appropriate compensation for the loss.

Safety Features Unified:

Some of the most important safety features possessed by commercial trucks are:

  • Air-disc brakes
  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Forward video monitoring
  • Lane departure warning
  • Electronic stability control
  • Smart cruise control
  • The automated emergency braking system

Expected Safety Features:

Technology will continue to evolve further with better safety systems and features with each passing day. Some of the trucking companies intend to include radar, camera advanced braking system that will further improve blind-spot alerts and assist in maintaining distance.

Forward-collision mitigation systems are also developed in commercial trucks to facilitate automatic brake system and cruise control. A handful of trucking companies have added features like collision avoidance that provide truck drivers with tactile, visual and audible alerts. GPS systems are improved to the extent where it can send messages asking to apply brakes to drivers upon detection of a stop sign. One of the most important features introduced to date is vehicle-to-vehicle technology where two vehicles can notify each other if they are approaching too near to one another.

Reasons Holding Back Trucking Companies from Upgradation:

Surveys have reported, the advanced technological safety features are used by only 40 percent of trucking companies and the rest of them are not upgrading to these features due to the vast cost involvement.

New trucks are furnished with upgraded systems, encouraging the truck companies to purchase these vehicles at a higher cost than updating their old ones by adding features. Commercial trucks come at the expense of around $130,000 to $160,000, whereas old trucks can be furnished with a couple of safety features at $1000 or less.

Another barrier that holds back truck companies from incorporating changes to their vehicles is the duration for which the drivers are driving these vehicles. They may not feel comfortable with these technologically sounded trucks irrespective of the positive outcome.

A few of them may not have come across any accidents throughout their driving carrier and thus do not believe in the necessity of the safety features for a safe drive. They do not bother to request their employer companies to add on the advanced safety features to the vehicles.

It is really sad to see the trucking companies focusing and calculating short term profitability rather than concentrating on long-term achievements through a reduction in the number of crashes.

Nonetheless, irrespective of all the safety measures accidents may happen, and truck accident victims are always encouraged to seek help from an experienced truck accident legal practitioner to discuss their legal options and proceed accordingly.

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