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One of the best flooring options is carpet as it is the one which is soft and comes in different patterns. There are a lot of green carpeting options and with the help of environment friendly carpet you make your home look amazing.  A lot of people are now turning to some eco friendly carpets which will make your home look healthier. Earlier the carpets were made of some synthetic material but now you can get the carpets which are made of environment friendly material. The natural carpets are affordable and easily available.

Affordable and eco friendly

The seagrass carpet is a really good option and affordable as well.  Whereas the carpets made from synthetic material are non biodegradable and recyclable. To treat these carpets, some chemicals are used for protecting them from any kind of spills and increasing their life. These chemicals are really not good for the environment and people. Some harmful gases are also released by such chemicals which harm the air quality. Seagrass is a plant which is grown in abundance just like rice. Mostly it is grown in marshy areas and it is also called dragon grass when it grows in arid soil. The fibres of the seagrass carpet have anti static property. By using the environment friendly carpets you can really change the look of your home altogether.

Strong and tough

 Seagrass natural fibre rugs are impermeable and very tough. As compared to the conventional carpets, the toughness of the seagrass carpets makes it less vulnerable. The texture of the seagrass carpets is such that it feels very soft to walk on as compared to other rough carpets. Any rug pad or underlayment can also make you feel soft to walk. It is the dense weave of the seagrass rugs which makes them really durable and strong. These rugs can also be used in high traffic areas like hallways, game rooms, living areas and entryways. The durability and strength of these carpets makes the seagrass carpet natural for using. The fibres of the seagrass carpet are water repellent and non porous as this plant grows in water. Even any type of pet accidents can also be cleaned very easily.

The fibres of the seagrass carpet are also stain resistant as these are non porous and have natural waxy coating. No dirt will also cling to the fibre and this will lead to no stain. The thick fibres of the seagrass carpet show no stains and watermarks. This is really beneficial for the families who have children. You can also apply the stain protector coatings if you want.  The material of the carpet is really very good and is also very amazing in deflecting dirt and discoloration. This is really very good for the environment as it is eco friendly. The seagrass carpet also provides noise insulation which has benefit in the high traffic areas. A lot of home owners use this and they find it easy to keep it clean. The seagrass carpet is of really good quality preferred by a lot of people.

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