Whether you’re employed in a kitchen that is professionally handled or decide to host a celebration, catering still requires a certain set of skills.


A good kolkata caterer is very organized and experienced in preparing food for a large number of people. They make sure that there is no shortage in the amount of food they send out. Use our catering tricks and tips below to hone up your abilities, economize and time, and transform stress into satisfaction when preparing food:


From good food hygiene to taking care of your customers, to ingenious sale strategies, you can use numerous catering tricks to enhance the food you create and streamline your preparation processes.


Organize your Environment as well as Menu

If you organize the dishes in a proper way and arrange the same according to the menu, you’ll prompt diners to settle on the drinks and dishes prepared by you in a way that will increase your overall revenue.


Studies that was done show that people or guests look for dishes that they except the first time they read the menu, and they also check if there are any dishes that would be costly if they had to buy it from a restaurant. From there they would see that your dishes are reasonably priced. This way the guests would be more than willing to spend money on your catering service.


There has also been some research that says music (especially classical) encourages spending, and certain effects of the decor also influences the mood of the guests. Warm colors, such as orange and red, helps the guests to relax and also increases their hunger. However, take care to not go the extra mile with all this, it would backfire. Use furnishings, artwork, as well as ornaments to create a proper color scheme, instead of painting the entire wall in a red solid color.


Get your Preparations done in Advance

Try to complete every minute details of the catering, as a Kolkata caterer, the night before or earlier within the day. An early start in your preparation helps you avoid any rush and so that you can give out dishes without any problem.


To prepare ahead, you could:

  • Make dishes that can’t withstand any heat first – prepare and cut the salads beforehand and cover them accordingly and place it in the refrigerator first. Prepare high-risk components later, like Caesar salad, where raw eggs are placed and can’t be overlooked for too long.
  • Prepare in advance for vegetables and fruits – chop peppers, peel potatoes and onions, etc.

Be Different than the Competition

There are quite a few catering businesses out there, but you can stick out from the rest with the aid of adding your own unique touches in your menu and the offerings you provide. As noted before, presentation is very important. Get innovative and gift your dishes in a fun and appealing manner this is uniquely yours. Food is art. Don’t be afraid to allow your creativity flow.

To help you stand out, you may also offer additional offerings such as occasion planning, venue decorating, personalized table arrangements, cake making, or costumed catering for themed events.


Offer a Variable Menu

The sorts of food human beings experience are approximately as numerous as the human beings themselves. In order to fulfill them all, you must provide loads of ingredients from exceptional cultures. Also, consider including items with a view to meet the desires of people with food allergies, vegetarian or vegan preferences, and religious nutritional restrictions. The more range you have, the more customers you will attract.