Study medicine is a very lucrative subject. it is directly connected with human life. Though there have been different ways of treatment in the past or we can say that since the days of human life came into existence the need of medical services started. Human been have one of the other problem related to their life and treatment, the need of medical  care has always been in the past and sell always be as long as the human existence remain on the earth/universe.


Since the study medicine is a very touchy program and every capable person what to study and serve as a doctor for name, fame, money and even as a service to mankind. The treatment and practice of a doctor started from ayurvadas, oldest Indian tradition to homeopathic treatment started from Germany and now we have come to the advance strange of Modern medical science of allopathic treatment which is prevent to most part of the world .


Why study abroad


The need to study abroad started due to different region in India. Some of them are as follows

  1. Less no of seats in India –

Indian has population of more than 130cr. No of doctors per 1000 human population  is vary less comparing to other developed countries .this is because we have not been able to construct more and more medical collages due to high cost of making new infrastructure for medical collages in India. Our government  fore has permitted to private sector to join the field and presentably so many medical collages in the private sector has come up in different states of India . however even if all the seats available in government and private sector is taken into consecration, they can be at the most 60000 no numbers and that too , apart from MBBS they add up to BDS, ABMS, BAMS and veterinary doctor etc. Due to this compelling reason student try to look at foreign destination to study mbbs.


  1. High cost of study MBBS in India

The total cost to study MBBS in India varies from 50laks to 1 CR in private medical collages and around 1lakhs in government medical collages. The mode of selection of students to medical seats have been subjective to NEET exam. The necessity of NEET started due to two name reason

  1. To segregate the students who hold high ranks /marks in the exams and are capable to become doctor of a very high knowledge to serve the people.
  2. To bring down the strength of students in selection process for admission science no of seats are limited. Around 60,000 seats stand no hair comparing to the total strength of students appearing of test is around 15lanks.


  • Easy admission process abroad – unlike in India where admission process in tough due to Hugh strength of students appearing in selection test for medical admission , the same is not appreciable in foreign countries like Russia , CIS country, Nepal , china , Bangladesh etc. There is no limitation if seats in these countries because there population is very less and no of seats for medical study is much higher than their need. Even NCI has also reduced the norms that is those who qualify in the need with a minimum qualify mark allow to go and study medicine abroad . There for the option of going abroad and study medicine is quite easy and affordable .
  • Low cost of study mbbs abroad – comparing to Indian fee requirement to study mbbs many foreign country like Russia ,Ukraine ,Kazakhstan  dkergestan etc change very less amount on account of tuition fee because health and medicine education in those country have been subsidized by the government ever as in India there is no subsidy program due to low fee and affordable cost of flooding and lodging . In Indian students prefer to go abroad and study mbbs.
  • Future job and settlement – by going abroad to study medicine make Indian students to be familiar with more options for their future and element and the yonder graduate doctor are subjective to more expose in terms of study and the job in different country by fulfilling the requirement and critic of those country. apart from this study mbbs abroad makes them to roam around and extensive tour of the world ad know more and more about the world

MBBS Abroad


There are many countries in the world who offer animation in their country to Indian students like ck , USA, Austria Germany etc apart from soviet country like Russia and 14 other republic country like kyrgyzstan, Kirgizstan, Ukraine, Georgia, belarus  etc some more country like Bangladesh , Nepal, china and Philippines etc are also forgoing destination which can be chosen for MBBS studied . Each country has its own rules, prodigy criteria and qualification, fee structure including the cost of boarding and logic facility and one can choose the country and collage of their own choice by keeping the status of fund in mind . the derails of some of the countries and there are collage are given bellows


1 Russia

mbbs abraod

Study MBBS IN RUSSIA is a best destination for Indian students to study MBBS. For the last 50 yrs Indian students are studying and getting degree from Russia. The duration of MBBS IN RUSSIA  is of 5.8 yrs the medium of teaching is English and in most of the medical university no admission test is conducted prior to admission the students designer to study medicine from India has to qualify with minimum qualify mark in the need exam along with minimum 50% marks physics, chemistry and biology at 12 standard (class).


Some of the good medical institutions in Russia are:


Mordovia State University

Northern State University

Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, Moscow

Siberian State Medical University

Ryazan Medical University, Ryazan

Kuban State Medical University

2. Ukraine

study mbbs in russia


Ukraine offers quality of education in MBBS program at a reasonable low cost. The entire study program in Ukraine is in English medium .the undergraduate doctors are given enough opportunity to work with the parents and their treatment. Duration of study is 5, 8 yrs and the degree in recognised by NCI, who UNESCO, FAIMER etc the famous medical university as under


Cost: INR 20 – 38 Lakhs (whole program)


Some of the most famous medical universities in Ukraine-


Bogomolets National Medical University

Ternopil State Medical University

Donetsk State Medical University

Kyiv National Medical University

Vinnitsa National Medical University


  1. Kyrgyzstan

The medical university in Kyrgyzstan are affordable and they are with low cost. One can study in Kyrgyzstan by spending 18 to 20 lakhs. It will cover the entire cost of education, the admission session starts twice in a years that is in the month of February and September every years. The duration of study is 5 years and the medium of teaching is in English. Following are some of the famous medical university in Kyrgyzstan.

Cost: INR 17 – 24 Lakhs (whole program)


Some of the reputed institutions:

Jalalabad Medical University

Asian Medical Institute

Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University

International School of Medicine

Osh State Medical University

  1. Nepal

The Nepal is also a good destination to study medicine. Some of the medicine collage in Nepal is owned by government of Nepal and on the other hand private business man has also opened their medical collages duly recognised by government of Nepal. Duration of medical study is of 5 years which is approved my MCI. medium of teaching is English. Cost of education is higher comparing to Russia and other CIS country, the total cost of education is between 45 to 55 lakhs some of the famous collage of Nepal are


Cost: INR 30 – 45 Lakhs (whole program)


Some of the best colleges in Nepal to study MBBS are

National Medical College

Nepal Medical College

Janaki Medical College

Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences (KUSMS)

Kathmandu Medical College

  1. Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the nearest nab our of India . The total cost of medicinal education in Bangladesh id between 40 to 50 lakhs. Duration of study in 5 yrs and the mode of teaching is English. Most of the collages are Bangladesh have been approved by medicinal council of India. the basic criteria of admission for Indian students is too qualify NEET exam with minimum qualify mark and 12 stranded pass with minimum 50% and having physic , chemistry and biology as a subjects . Here are some of the medical collages of Bangladesh with are preferred by Indian students .


Cost: INR 30 – 60 Lakhs (whole program)


Some of the best medical colleges in Bangladesh:

East West Medical College

Bangladesh Medical College

Jahurul Islam Medical College

Delta Medical College


6. Usa 

USA is the finest destination to study MBBS in the world people fee proud to study from USA because of the facility and the infrastructure best in the world. The admission procedure in USA ids little different from another country. Those desirous to study medicine from usa have to clear the MCAT examination (medicinal collage admission test)conducted by usa testing agency prove to admission in the medical course and one has to pass the m cat test . foreign students have to apply through the American collage application service for an MD course or through American association of collages of osteopathic medicine application service’s for a DO degree .



Study program

The MBBS study program is of 4 years divided in pre clinical and clinical courses . the final degree given by USA is MD or BD in order to practice medicine in USA one have to clear UNMLE(united states medical licensing examination ). This is mandatory for a doctor if he / she designer to practice medicine in USA. USA degree of undergraduate course and post graduate course is recognised by MCI and all other world bodies . those what to seek admission in us medical collages or required to have aground 90% marks in physic s, chemistry and biology along with English as a subject with high score. Some of the famous medical collages of USA where international students are studying


Some of the best colleges are:

East Carolina University Brody School of Medicine

University of New Mexico School of Medicine

Baylor College of Medicine

Mayo Clinic School of Medicine

University of Central Florida College of Medicine


7. Germany


Germany one of the most popular country in the world for all round growth . a very rich, high industrial , highly educational , robust company , high currency rate make any one to feel and images to be able to visit Germany one day and enjoy a glorious life in Germany .

In the field of medical education, germen command highest respect in the world. According to the latest staerstick their are 3.57laks students seeking university degree in Germany. There are some of the basic reasons which compels the international community to study from Germany.

Low tuition fee

For nay graduation course including medicine the tuition fee is either very Norman or no tuition fee. The students from Germany and other European country are free and they do not have to pay any tuition fee . on the other hand those from international community have also to pay very nominal fee aground 250 euro approximately to cater the need of public transport tickets students union fee and administration cost .

Some of the best medical institutions of Germany:

University of Münster

Lubeck Medical University

University of Bonn

Humboldt University of Berlin

University of Freiburg

Study mbbs criteria


The international students who designe to study medicine in Germany must have enough knowledge of German language because it is mandatory and thought in most of the German medical university.


Duration of course

Mbbs study in Germany is of 6.3 years which is divided in 4 parts . The final degree is given by the German government after conducting a country wide test for medical students. The result of the test provides working licence to all medical gradates and on the bases of these finances they can work and practice not only in Germany but throughout the European country. Some of the famous university of Germany are as under



8. China

China is the biggest country in the world in terms of population. The medical institution in china are very famous and around 45 medical insinuation are approved my MCI where Indian and international students take admission every years and continue their medicine studies. The expenses of medical education are not so high in china. The currency of china is MNB which is equal to around 10 Rs in India. The admission procedure for medical admission in china for Indian students are

1 they have to pass their 10+ 2 examination with physic, chemistry, biology with the minim of 50% marks in most of the medical collages in china no pre admission test is conducted. Duration of medical study period is 6 years and the medium of teaching is English and china both. Some of the prominent collages in china are

Ningbo University

Jiangsu University

wuhan University

Southeast University

Huazhong University of Science & Technology

Jilin Medical University

China Medical University

Capital Medical University

Hebei Medical University




9. Philippines


Philippines is one of the best choices to study medicine for Indian students. The medical education cost is comparatively lower. the only problem with the existent rules is the Philippines are one has to study for the period of 2 years to get the degree of BSC prior to getting admission in the MBBS course where is in other country medical education is given on the bases of 10+2 slandered only . Thus the 2 years period of during BSC course evolves not only the extra money but the longer duration of course also. English is the medium of teaching some famous medical collages of Philippines are as under

Angels University Foundation

AMA School of Medicine, Manila

Bicol Christian College

Our Lady of Fatima University

University of Perpetual Help


10 . Poland

Poland offers world class education system. Most of the collages in Poland are affordable before taking admission in the main course the students has to go for preparatory course. Medium of teaching in English. The duration of course is of 6 years and to basic criteria for admission is 12 exams with PCB with minimum of 50%. The knowledge of English is must. Here are some


Here are some of the best colleges in Poland to pursue MBBS degree:

Medical University of Gdansk

Medical University of Lublin

Medical Academy of Bialystok

University of Lodz