Repeat after me – “Memes are the new pop stars.”

Believe it or not, memes marketing is the millennial generation’s favourite & one of the most powerful social media marketing strategies that make sense these days. With most of your target audience engaged on social media all the time, meme marketing has got to be a staple for hundreds of emerging brands. Even international brands aren’t left to be amazed by it.

You just cannot escape from liking, sharing & getting inspired by tons of memes flooding your social media with PhotoADKing’s Meme Maker tool today. Can you?

What Makes Memes Marketing So Viral?

‘Fun’ & ‘Pun’ are the major intentions behind memes marketing that go viral in a fraction of seconds. We are only left wondering how people get to be so entertaining with brilliant usage of GIFs & funny images. Millions of Instagram & Facebook profiles are dedicated to memes & have hundreds & thousands of followers too.

What Makes Memes Marketing So Viral?

It seems like renowned brands are impressed by memes too as it has an excellent ability to make things go viral with the least efforts. Although, not every brand knows how to make the most out of it!

Never be afraid of experimenting with trends for your marketing campaigns & if you think that you can utilize memes marketing then go ahead & make it happen.

By the time you’ll finish reading this article, you’ll get an idea of how to use meme marketing at its best, how it benefits your brand & how you can make effective memes too.

6 Memes Marketing Examples That Nailed It!

  • Netflix


We all know the demand & popularity of Netflix touches skies but this online media streaming platform doesn’t seem to let go of memes. It has millions of social media followers, but this doesn’t stop it from being more entertaining. Netflix stays high on memes to let its audience know what to watch next.

Thanks to this idea of meme marketing, people addicted to Netflix keep updating their watch list. This ultimately benefits the brand with Cartoon Logo Maker.

Your takeaway here is to find out what your target audience might be interested in to sell your products/services. Peeping into your brand itself will bring out so many good things for promotions.

  • BarkBox


BarkBox is New York’s subscription-based service for products related to dogs. This brand became a home for some very hilarious memes in no time and you know what, it doesn’t need to surround its memes on dog pictures all the time. You’ll still find some amazing dog-related light-hearted memes that sell.

What you get to learn from BarkBox is that the brand understands its audience & they create such memes that are loved by its target audience.

BarkBox is a great instance to learn that you don’t always need to promote your product but can utilize memes uniquely to spread humour & sell a product without shouting out loud for the same.

  • Denny’s


You need to keep up with the trends if you want to stay trending. If you’re clueless about what to do & how to find trends then look nowhere but your social media feed itself for the latest stuff. Your meme has more chances to go viral with this thought implemented.

Denny’s, the popular American restaurant chain gave an instance of a quirky sense of humour. The idea is to stay upbeat with the trend if you have the guts to do so, do it! Also, learn the rule that there is nothing like overwhelming or going overboard for as long as you’re under memes marketing.

  • Gucci


This luxury brand needs no introduction. They also got memes on board by hitting it on-point. It is always a great idea to utilize the power of memes to engage & entertain your target audience without saying it directly. You can easily show how popular your brand is & the way it is so wanted.

  • Jimmy John’s

If you aren’t familiar with this brand, it is a very popular American food chain loved for its mouth-watering sandwiches. It too got into the meme game & shares meme posts that stimulate tons of engagement. It is easier to encourage your target audience to tag their friends in comments or DM such memes that inspire them to have a treat at the restaurant.

  • Ruffles

This chip brand picked the meme opportunity just right. The meme you see in the instance never seems to get old. You can relate it to endless situations & it still manages to make us giggle. Take this as a bonus tip for meme marketing: make use of popular memes in a unique way that makes it easy to understand & sets the humour tone right.

How To Make Ready-To-Publish Memes Online For Free?

Scrolling through memes all day long seems much easier until the moment you have to squeeze your mind to bring the humour out. After all, it isn’t easy to make people laugh.

Well, if you’re willing to experiment but don’t know the right tool that’ll help you to create memes, PhotoADKing is here!

From customizing meme dimensions to creating memes in default social media platform sizes, we are making the process extremely convenient. Access our grand library of graphics, illustrations, stock images, and more to make your memes as hilarious as possible.

Whatever idea you implement, make sure that your memes include this:

  • Simplicity
  • Carefulness about what is being joked about
  • No attempt for harsh branding

Our Two Cents

Memes marketing is no joke! We’ve seen instances where brands utilized memes successfully & we also know a few examples where you may see that memes are put to wrong use. Your catch is to learn from the good & the bad & see how to make yours winning.

Also, if you feel like testing your memes marketing skills then gear up & head over to PhotoADKing’s.  It is your one-stop online Comic Maker that will weave and bring life to your story. You’ll find a grand library of social media graphics & illustrations, stock images, GIFs, and much more interesting stuff for creating eye-popping memes.

We know you’ll be best at whatever you do. Go ahead!