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men gold chain 9 carat

There are some men who confidently carry jewelry, but there are few who like to wear but of specific type. Similar is that case with men gold chain 9 carat. Because the gold chain comes in so many different styles. Some men like to carry gold chains that are not big in size and some like to wear so many at a time.

The gold chains of men are not similar to women. There is an obvious difference between them. So those men who think wearing a gold chain or any other jewelry will question their sexuality are completely wrong.

Six common types of men gold chains

The gold chains come to a wide variety. Some have a tag that they are only for men. Such as:

Cuban style link chain

A chain that is made by interlinking many small oval-shaped gold links. The pattern of this chain is very eye-catching. It is a chain that is mostly worn by hip hop artists. The fashion of this chain comes from the streets of Miami. It is a type that is loved by hip hop artists.

The rope style chain

You can get a rope chain in slim styles and even in chunky style too. If you are still confused about that pattern of this chain, then read the name again. It is a chain that looks like a rope. It is also liked by many. But the choices differ when they have to choose the width and size of the chain. Some like to wear long chains and the ones that think too. But some like gold chains that are not very heavy.

The Franco style chain

It is a chain that is made by interlinking many small V-shape gold links. It is also loved by men. Mostly the men who want to wear any type of pendant with the chain choose this type. The V-shape interlinks give it a thick shape naturally.

The Figaro style chain

It is a chain that is made by oval-shape gold links, but al the ovals are not of similar size. That is the only thing that makes this chain unique in front of others. Also, this chain is very strong and durable. You can also rock this chain by including pendant in it.

The curb style chain

It is a type of chain that is exactly the same as the Cuban chain. The only difference is the shape of the links. In this chain, oval links are not used by square ones are. The good part of this chain is that you can add different stones in this chain. Like if you want a diamond on the gold, then this chain is a good option for you.

Dog tag style chains

It is a style that is not as flashy as other types but still quite famous in men. In this chain, a spherical link is used. They all are placed with some space.

Length of the chain

At the type of choosing any style, it is important that you know what the length you want for your gold chain is. There are some men who want to wear a chain that stays visible in every type of dressing. For example, if they wear a dree shirt and only open one button of it, still people able to see it.

Some like to have a chain that is a bit longer than it. The one that is visible after opening two buttons of the shirt, but there are few who like to wear long chains, especially hip-hop artists. Long chains are mostly suitable for those who like to wear them with pendants.


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