The ideal time to replace your car tyres is when the tread depth hits 3mm. And, when looking for new car tyres, you want to choose from the best. Opting for the right tyres from the right brand has several benefits. For example, you can get more fuel economy out of your vehicle. Also, these tyres ensure a higher degree of safety.

Two of the best brands that you can opt for are Continental and Michelin Tyres in Preston.

Some of the exceptional tyres from these two brands include:


  1. Crossclimate+

The Crossclimate+ is an all-season tyre that can last 11,000 more miles than other tyres in its segment. Another outstanding feature of this tyre is its grooves that emerge as the tyre wears. Thus, you get more traction even when this tyre is damaged.

What’s more?

The 3D sipes of this tyre deliver more grip on snow-covered and dry roads. Assisting these sipes are V-shaped tread pattern for more control over winter roads.

That’s not all

Lastly, you also get an exceptional braking performance thanks to its rigid and bevel-edged tread block design.

  1. Pilot Sport 4

The Pilot Sport 4 is one of the superb Michelin Tyres Preston for summer. While its deep and wide grooves drain water to decrease aquaplaning, an ultra-reactive Tread Pattern Design continuously adjusts to changing road conditions.

But wait, that’s not all.

Hydrophobic silica and functional elastomers account for lowering braking distance while delivering more traction over wet surfaces.

Pilot Sport 4 also comes with Dynamic Response Technology that improves steering precision and control.

  1. Alipn 5

For winters, the Alipn 5 is one of the ideal Michelin Tyres Preston to go for. Its innovative tread compound improves performance over snowy and wet roads while its new tread pattern gives you more steering control and overall winter performance.


  1. AllSeasonContact

All-season tyre AllSeasonContact comes with an optimised tread pattern and sidewall geometry that reduces rolling resistance and improves fuel economy. While the minimum sipes and solid pattern deliver better braking and control over dry surfaces, the open shoulders make sure you don’t come across aquaplaning.


The traction Silica Compound of the AllSeasonContact provides an all-around performance over winter roads.

  1. EcoContact 6

The EcoContact 6 is one of the outstanding Continental Tyres Preston for summer catering to both passenger cars and SUVs.

Its innovative sipe geometry and asymmetric rib of this tyre improves control and handling over dry and wet roads. An optimal concentration between rubber and silica decreases rolling resistance and improves fuel economy.

The Green Chili 2.0 compound of the EcoContact 6 decreases wear throughout its life to increases fuel efficiency.

  1. WinterContact TS 860 S

The WinterContact TS 860 S is a winter tyre coming with larger and broader blocks on the exterior shoulder. You get more steering control, especially when cornering thanks to these blocks.

What’s more?

The innovative grooves and sipes improve your vehicle’s performance over snowy road conditions.

You can head over to professional car garages like Star Tyres, which keep an extensive stock of both Michelin and Continental Tyres Preston.