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Tyres are an important component in a vehicle. To keep the passengers safe, the balance and support the weight of a vehicle. Since the tyres help to maintain balance and keeps a decent contact with the road, they can be regarded as one of the precious possessions of a car and makes it look even better. No doubt getting the hands-on a perfect tyre can be a tough job. An ideal tyre ensures a good braking system, better traction, and a solid grip in every weather.

There are three types of tyres, a driver can choose from— Normal tyres, which are designed for the warmer season, Snow Tyres which are designed for winter seasons, and All year round tyres which are designed for all seasons. Tyres brake force on the road absorbs red shocks, and maintain the direction of travel even on stony tracks or uneven road. Keeping direct contact with a road along with the heavy load of a vehicle, tyres indeed carries a huge responsibility for a car.

Every driver makes sure to get those pairs of the wheel that would make his vehicle perform much better precisely by becoming comfortable, fuel-efficient, and easy to handle.

Trade Price Tyres ensures that the buyers find the most ideal tyres to fit in a vehicle. Since finding a perfect tyre can be hard to find, so we decided to get reviews and samples of the two most popular brands—Michelin Tyres and Hankook Tyres in just one click!

 Michelin Tyres is a French tyre manufacturing company that came into the market in 1889. It has a variety of choices when it comes to tyres ranging from passenger cars to bicycles. Their tyres are famous for low noise, even pressure and comfort driving, however, unlike Trade Price TyresMichelin tyres do not provide tyres for the standard drivers. But Michelin Tyres Newport is a good choice for getting a new pair of wheels as their tyres promise durability, safety, and premium performance. With the help of their advanced grip technology, it includes invisible grooves hidden in the rubber which makes a tyre expands when it is worn.

With such points mentioned, the Michelin tyres prove to be trustful equipment for a variety of brands that includes Porsche, Ferrari, Jaguar, Audi, etc.

Let’s get a Close Analysis of Hankook Tyres—

Hankook Tyres is a South Korean brand that has been into the market for 76 years. These tyres are popular in 180 countries. Hankook Tyres Newport is always appreciated for maintaining its quality standard. Along with many creative designs, they provide new innovations that promote safety like stone ejection technology that basically protects tyres from stony edges and uneven roads. Hankook tyres come at a very affordable price and are perfect for all kinds of the vehicle like sedans, SUVs, 4×4 and luxury sports cars. Luxury cars like BMW, Benz, Audi also prefer to get their hands on Hankook tyres.

So which is better?

No doubt both the brands provide extremely high performance. Michelin tyres are renowned for superior handling, better mileage, and good handling. While, Hankook tyres, on the other hand, provides better grip and comfortable ride. The ultimate choice shall remain with the driver. To get more insight into the qualities of both the brands, one should not hesitate to call Trade Price Tyres.

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