Purchasing or selling a home involves a lot of different steps, one of it is getting it inspected.To get a professional advice for the home you are planning to buy or sell is important. A home inspector will save your money on repairs as well as provide guidance on home maintenance.

A few good inspectors can often predict the standard life expectancy of the roof, HVAC, etc. Therefore, you can plan the replacement of the same well in advance.The inspection report will give you the detailed information about the major systems of your home, such as plumbing, electrical, etc. This can be beneficial to the first-time buyers and several-time buyers as well.

However, many buyers and sellers make mistakes during home inspection process which can cost them several bucks down the road. So, here are 5 mistakes which buyers and sellers make which can be avoided during home inspection process:

Mistake 1: Do not hire a cheap inspector

A home is a huge investment of your life, so do not make your investment go waste by hiring a cheap inspector. Saving a few bucks will not prove to be a best idea at this point of time. Do not simply go with whoever is first suggested on the Google page.

Verify whether the inspector is a licensed one or not. Research properly on the reviews of the inspector. And check whether the inspector is a member of one of the home inspector associations.

Avoiding the check of all this information can put you in trouble in the near future.

Mistake 2: Not attending the inspection

Though attending the inspection is not mandatory, it is too essential to miss. Take out a few hours from your busy schedule and be a part of the home inspection. This is a very good time to ask questions to the inspector regarding your new home.You may also get a chance to talk about the cost of repairs during the inspection.

Mistake 3: Skipping reading the inspection report in detail

Home inspection reports are generally lengthy and uninteresting, so buyers and sellers generally skip reading the report in detail. You shouldn’t make this common mistake, as reading it in detail will let you know the in-and-out of the home. Also, you may miss reading significant information and addressing the minor issues in the home.

Mistake 4: Not prepping home for the inspection

The home inspector needs to check all the areas of home, so unlock it on the day of inspection. Move vehicles from the garage and items away from the walls and provide proper access to all the areas of the home. It will help the inspector to complete the work without any distraction.

Mistake 5: Ignoring the additional testing:

Sometimes inspector suggests to take an expert advice on evaluation of a specific issue. Generally, buyers skip to conduct additional testing in the haste to complete the process or save some money.

Do not skip additional testing and make a small investment in it to get good results.

Mistake 6: Skipping the reinspection of repairs

With an intention to save money, many people skip reinspection after repairing the issues found during the first inspection. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the work done after the first inspection is proper. So, protect yourself and your investment by doing reinspection of the repairs.


A home inspector will lessen the risk and save your money over the long run. But to maximise its fruitfulness, it must be conducted properly. Therefore, avoid making the above five mistakes and consider them as tips to take care for your home inspection preparation.

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