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The latest trends in social media is turning the people into a new direction. Everyone wants to capture the stunning and eye catching photos. The latest mobile phones make it possible for everyone to capture the desired photos.

If you have a mobile phone with high quality camera, you can capture the perfect photos of yourself and your surroundings. In this article, I’ll discuss mobile phone photography tips for beginners.

These tips will help you in capturing your desired photos. You can apply these rules to any type of photography. Photography is the best way to document, share, and store the long lasting memories.

Note: Although mobile phone photography will not fulfill your requirements when talking about professional photography. You need a DSLR to capture the high resolution images.

If you have a DSLR, you can check out our guide on the portrait photography tip. Let’s dive into the step by step guide to capture the best photos with mobile phones.


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Mobile Phone Photography Tips

1. Choose the Mobile Phone with High Quality Camera

The latest mobile phones are focusing mainly on the camera. Most of the mobile phones available in the market has a high resolution cameras. At the same time, some mobile phones are also coming with poor camera results.

You need to assure the quality of the camera before buying a mobile phone. The first step for mobile photography is the selection of the best mobile phone.  

2. Clean the Lens

Now, you have a mobile phone with the best camera but the captured images are still blurry! You don’t need to worry. All you need is to clean the lens of the camera. While using the mobile phone, the lens of the camera becomes dirty. You need to properly clean the camera lens before using the camera. You can use any mobile or laptop screen cleaner. If you don’t have access to liquid cleaner, simply wash it with a tissue paper. A neat and clean camera lens will add an extra layer of attraction to your images.

3. Use Manual Focus

One of the mistakes most of the people are making while taking the photos is the use of autofocus. The latest mobile phone cameras are coming with manual focus. You need to learn the art of manual focus. The manual focus can help you in capturing your desired photos. The issue with autofocus is it automatically focus the object and doesn’t provide the best results. But the manual mode lets you focus your targeted areas of the object which helps in capturing the high-quality images.  

4. Use Third Party Lens

Most of the mobile phone photographers are using the third party camera lens to capture professional photos. If you are planning to capture the event or wedding photography, a third party camera lens would be a great contribution to your photography kit. There are different types of mobile phone camera lenses for different mobiles. ‘

Before buying the best camera lens for mobile phone, make sure it is compatible with your mobile phone. These third party lenses have amazing zoom features. You can also use the camera lens for making TikTok or Youtube videos.

5. Don’t Use Flash All the times

The use of flash changes the look and feel of your photos. If you have natural light, never use the flash. Simply click the flash icon in the corner of the mobile screen and turn it off.

The directly falling light on the object destroys the quality of the image. If necessary, you can use another mobile flash to light on the object. Make sure to avoid the shadow of the object if you are using another mobile for throwing light on the object.  

6. Use Different Angles

Most of the people capture photos by simply placing the object at the center of the photo. You need to capture the photos from different angles to stand out from the crowd. Try something new and unique using the mobile phone stand or tripod. 

For example, you can capture the object with a shadow in the water. Try the rule of third. Rule of third is the photography rule in which the photographer captures the images by placing the subject in just one-third of the image.

It helps in covering the background area efficiently. If you have beautiful scenery in your background, you must try this rule of photography. Relevant post: What is the Latest Wedding Photography Trends


There are many more mobile phone photography tips to cover but the above-mentioned tips are enough for a beginner. You will start learning new things once you started capturing the images.

Watch the tutorial on Youtube to improve your mobile phone photography skills. Follow the famous photographer of social media and check out what angle they are using to capture the unique photos.

I hope these mobile phone photography tips will help you out in capturing the best photos at any event. Share this article with the community around you if you find it helpful.

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