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fragile mobile screen

Mobile brands have stepped up the game by introducing trendy smartphones in the market. Each of them aspires to be ahead of the pack by developing chic mobile phones with exclusive features and specifications. However, when it comes to providing a durable mobile screen, all of them are still struggling.

The durability of a mobile screen is a big challenge for most of the phone brands. In spite of all the technological advancements, we’re still carrying phones with fragile screens. Quite often, we end up having a cracked mobile screen and it costs a king’s ransom to get it repaired.


While you bear the high cost for mobile screen repair, I guess you’re up the creek without a paddle. You’ll get trapped in a vicious cycle of repairing and re-repairing. In spite of the  expensive tag of that mobile in your pocket, you cannot be assured of its screen durability standards.

Have you ever wondered why your phone screen is made up of glass? Why aren’t we using a plastic mobile screen? The presence of the glass ensures smooth flowing displays, gleamy shape, and back without openings. However, these glasses are weak, prone to scratches and cracks, and can easily break.

Searching for a phone with a robust screen technology is like finding a needle in the haystack.

Yet, all hope is not lost. Gorilla glass is one of the solutions with its promising features and qualities. It’s a brand of chemically strengthened glass, capable of withstanding extreme force and fall. It protects your phone from scratches and cracks. As claimed in a report, it can survive 15 drops onto hard surfaces from 1 meter or higher without breaking. However, this technology isn’t the unassailable solution with its few limitations.

Big brands are focusing on upgrading the screen technology instead of inventing a new one. The use of front and back glass for wireless charging and signal reception is the best example. In spite of this great invention, we’re still not confident about screen stability.

We’re bound to use the best available option for the screen protectors for our fragile mobile display.

Smartphone users are looking for an authentic and flawless screen technology. Let’s wait for an invention that will reduce our stress while carrying our pricey mobiles.

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