MOT stands for the ministry of transport test in the United Kingdom. Once a car is three years old it is checked regularly to meet road safety standards and environmental standards. This duration becomes four years in Northern Ireland. The main purpose of this test is to ensure that the vehicle which you are driving on the road is safe and roadworthy to drive. A certificate is issued to the vehicle owners after the passing of the MOT test.


Procedures and Check List

 MOT test comprises various checking and inspections and these are carried out at authorized centers. There are several parts in which the MOT test is carried out. The first one is the lightning and signaling equipment test. All the lights, reflectors, and functioning horn are tested. After that, the steering wheel and suspension systems are tested. Wheel bearings and drive shafts are tested. Shock absorbers become less functional after some time. A most important part of a car is brakes due to which several accidents happen. The components of mechanical or hydraulic brakes need to be checked regularly. Wheels skids and may cause an accident if the anti-lock braking system is not checked properly. Tyres and wheels are also tested because they are rubbed against the road and get smooth causing less friction. Seat belts are checked so that less damage is caused to the passengers or the driver while an accident.


 The body and structure of the car are also checked. If the car has met with an accident in the past a body part may be wrecked that needs to be repaired. The functioning of doors and seats are also checked. Registration plates and spare wheel carriers are checked too. A healthy engine not only enhances the overall driving experience of the car but also fuel efficiency. The exhaust system is tested so that engine cooling doesn’t get disturbed. A heated engine poses threats for the car’s smooth functioning. The ignition system is also checked as the petrol engine cycle has spark ignition and compression ignition stages. Mirrors help in a great way while driving on busy roads. Along with wipers, they are also checked. Bonnet has to deal with a lot of damage in most cases. It also needs to be checked regularly. The MOT Solihull test does not cover the engine condition checking other than emissions, clutch, and gearbox functioning.



 If the vehicle passes the MOT Shirley an MOT certificate is issued and the vehicle can be driven without any issue. If the vehicle fails in the MOT test no certificate will be issued. In case of major problems, vehicles can be barred from driving. You can still drive the vehicle if your vehicle has no dangerous issue listed but only till your current or previous certificate is valid. An amount of 2500 euros can be fined for driving the dangerous listed vehicle. The person could get 3 penalty points and can be banned from driving.



 To maintain the pollution caused by a vehicle to a minimum level this test is a good controlling measure. Also, several road accidents are caused due to poor condition of vehicles like brake failure, tight gear, skiddy wheels, less lightning in dark paths, etc. If the test is conducted annually, road accidents can be reduced and the pollution levels shall reduce.