While opting to buy anything, the first thing that we all look for is its benefits to us. The same happens to us while buying an insurance policy as well. When it comes to your phone insurance, you must ensure that you get the best deal. Therefore, check out the incidents and faults under which you may be benefitted from an insurance plan and the cases when you cannot procure the advantages of phone insurance to know the extent to which you can be benefitted from a phone protection plan.

In this article, we bring you a brief guide on the mobile phone insurance cover for your Motorola phone.

The insurance cover for mobile phones generally varies from place to place. It is highly flexible and can be customized to accomplish the requirements of the customers. Usually, the following risks are covered under a Motorola cell phone warranty:

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Accident
  • Riot, strike, malicious damage, or terrorist activities
  • Unexpected circumstances

Exclusions of Motorola mobile phone insurance

  • You cannot be benefitted from Motorola mobile warranty in the case of theft of your cell phone from an unattended vehicle unless your mobile phone is stolen from a finely locked and secured vehicle. The mobile phone which vanishes in strange circumstances is not protected at all and you cannot procure the insurance or Moto phone warranty on it.
  • You cannot get a claim on Motorola cracked screen warranty if the mobile phone is lent to the third party on hire, which also includes friends and family members. The mobile phone which disappears in mysterious circumstances without a clear reason is not covered.
  • You cannot claim the cover on your phone in case your mobile phone stops working or develops faults due to overcharging, overloading, or any kind of experimentation.If the mobile phone loss/ damage or theft is found intentional on the part of the insured, one cannot cover the damage.
  • The damage or loss caused to your phone during a flood, other waterborne incidents, war, and nuclear perils will not be covered. The faults resulting from electronic or mechanical failure of derangement are strictly not paid off.
  • The Motorola phone warranty insurance cover will not be fruitful in fetching claim for wear and tear, pests, climatic condition or gradual deterioration, inbuilt defect or from any process of cleaning, maintenance and repairing.
  • If you lose your mobile phone due to your negligence, then you are not liable to get cover. If a phone is snatched straight from the hand, the insurer is liable to get the claim. However,they may not be liable to claim on leaving their phone on the desk of their car carelessly. Therefore, it can be stated that the carelessness in managing mobile phone is not integrated into the mobile phone coverage.