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Ever heard someone invest money in crypto and forgets about it and realizes after years later when it has gone when its ROI reaches more than double of investment, which is terrible to forget your own investments this brings the need of home inventory and expense management app which also organizes your stuff. Ever happened you forget your phone’s or other appliances at home warranty is expired and has to pay more than the cost of the appliance itself here comes the best app to track the record of your stuff and set a reminder to purchase the warranty again. It’s an inventory app for home and managing all the aspects.

Most importantly never want to forget about who borrowed money from you and how much was it? Want a reminder for EMI’s to pay for your stuff before due? Want to check where all your stuff is? How much you paid? and many more. For whom does this app work best for? This also brings the question of security how secure your information is?

All other apps in the market right now are almost the third party without the customer’s permission it takes all the details and saves unencrypted, but we don’t do that your information is more important than our Its fully end to end encrypted and 100% secured which is expensive which is why most of the companies don’t do it. It works best for everybody each and every person, from a 15-year-old to a retired person, no matter what his/her occupation is.

Its Customizer helps to add any category just as food, medication, expenses, real estates, and all the things that are hectic to remember for one person. It helps to keep track of your things, big or small, with this personal asset management,

  1. Office or Personal Stuff
  2. Home Appliances
  3. Food Stuff
  4. Daily Cosmetics
  5. Gifts
  6. Clothes
  7. Gadgets
  8. Real Estate Properties
  9. Expense management.

This brings us to what more it can do, It has all the stuff that you want to organize, manage, list it as a to-do list or set a reminder for any category just by clicking on app it’s that simple just open the app and enter the details which are fully customizable according to your convenience add, delete, rename, change, backup and restore even in case of any inconvenience with currency edit option.

All has been revealed? Not Yet there is more to go.

How to manage things using this My Stuff Manager app?

Download “My Stuff Organizer: For Home Inventory Management” to Track things instantly.

  1. Click ‘+’ to add your Stuff
  2. Add a photo of the item
  3. Name your stuff
  4. Add/Select the Category
  5. Add Purchase Date & Warranty Date
  6. Add its cost
  7. Know “Where’s My Stuff” or with whom it is
  8. Add more info to keep track of your things
  9. Edit/Delete a Stuff/Category
  10. Share your stuff details

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