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Nespresso is one of the top brands of coffee machines used in the UAE. Nespresso users are supposed to descale their machine every 300 brews. Otherwise, calcium deposits will build up inside the machine and affect its performance adversely. Thus, you might report that your coffee machine isn’t working like it used to be before. Some problems have been evident with the Nespresso coffee maker which we are going to discuss in this article. Also, check the troubleshooting steps that you can apply to resolve the issue by yourself. In case the problem seems to be a big deal, then go for a Nespresso Repair in Dubai


Problems that Call for Nespresso Repair in Dubai:

See whether you have been going through any of these problems or not.

Nespresso Not Working

As we have stated earlier that calcium deposits inside the machine can be the primary cause of this issue. So, if you are getting a different volume of coffee, then you have probably reprogrammed the pour volume. It can possibly happen if you push the Pourbutton and press it again before the machine has completed its preprogrammed pour. A factory reset is the only way to get out of this problem. In case the problem seems hard enough to fix it by yourself, then get a Nespresso repair service. 

Nespresso might fail to work if the water reservoir was dry and you sucked some air into your coffee maker. To correct this problem, fill the reservoir with water, remove the previously used pod, and close the capsule lever. Place a cup and push the Pour button so that hot water can force air pockets out of the machine. 


Nespresso Not Turning on

Make sure that the Nespresso machine is getting power from the wall outlet to which it is connected. In case the power outlet is correct, then the problem lies somewhere else. Therefore, power off the machine and raise the top lever vertically. Then, press the Espresso button,  push the top lever, and close the top lever. If nothing happens, then the internal water pump is probably air locked. So, fix the problem with a Nespresso repair in Dubai, UAE


Nespresso Not Frothing

If the milk does not froth inside your coffee maker, then reposition the tank inside and clean the frothing machine. An overheated machine won’t be able to froth the milk and the red light will blink persistently. So, turn off the machine and press down the lungo button for 5 seconds. As the button flashes for three times, the machine is restored to factory settings. Use the same method if your Nespresso machine is not piercing pods. 


Nespresso Not Making Coffee

You must check the amount of coffee dispensed from your Nespresso machine if the cup doesn’t get full. After experiencing this issue, check the water container inside the coffee maker. The light will stop flashing when the machine is ready to use. Pour a coffee capsule inside the compartment and hold down the button until you get the right amount of coffee. If the problem continues, then restore the machine to its default settings. 


Nespresso Not Making Full Cup

If the grid of pyramids inside the silver foil gets clogged up, your machine might fail to fill the entire cup with coffee. So, you can switch off the machine and unplug it from the power outlet. Next, open the capsule cradle and insert your finger to feel the pyramid plate. Then, scrub the previous foil and coffee grinds with an old toothbrush. 


Nespresso Not Hot Enough

Nespresso maintains its brewing temperature between 83 and 86 degrees Celcius. It thereby restores the aroma of the coffee and prevents it from burning out. However, if you are not able to enjoy your coffee right away, then the machine is most likely to be descaled. Moreover, the internal pressure might decrease and affect the temperature of the coffee that you are getting. 

The only way to solve this problem is to use the machine for five to six times. This repeated use will rebuild the pressure inside the Nespresso coffee maker and produce the right amount of heat. 



These are the troubleshooting tips one can apply before reaching a professional. So, if you are unable to fix the problem, then visit a repair center instead of ignoring the problem. Otherwise, the repair might get expensive and make your coffee maker obsolete permanently. 

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