NetZero offers some of the best budget-based data packages in the market today and its free plan caps at around 200 MB a month.

The basic and plus plans cap at 1 GB and 2 GB, respectively.

Though NetZero is not offering any phenomenal speed as its download speeds are up to 10 Mbps. Yet, it isn’t considered the slowest provider of internet services.

Its prices are also competitive regarding these lower speed plans.

With that being said, when users start using internet beyond 4GB per month, then has a tendency to be more expensive than AT&T, Verizon and other competitors.

NetZero also requires its users to purchase a device to sign up.

If they do not have a compatible device, then this one-time cost would be cheaper with a monthly rent option offered by other providers.

Does NetZero have a claim?

NetZero claims to offer a free 4G mobile broadband data plan which has 200 MB of data per month.

Is NetZero’s claim true?

NetZero’s claim is true but there are a few catches. Though its true that the plan does not cost much money (not even the access fee charged monthly) but users are required to purchase a NetZero Mobile Broadband hotspot regardless of data plan they sign up for.

NetZero’s hotspot can host many devices and comes in with a year-long warranty. However, it costs $60 a month plus a one-time activation fee of $20.

Some users might not be required to buy the NetZero hotspot, provided that they have a compatible device.

However, their website does not list compatible devices. Hence, users need to test the IMEI of each device or serial number to see if it connects to NetZero’s network.

There is another catch. NetZero’s free plan is only free for just 12 months. After a year of service, users either must cancel their account or upgrade to a paid plan.

Ultimately, NetZero is best as a temporary solution. Once a year is gone, it is best to consider other internet service providers.

What is NetZero’s internet best for?

NetZero’s internet is best for those who check their email or occasionally surf the internet.

What is NetZero’s internet not suited for?

NetZero’s internet is not suited for those who wish to stream videos and music. Those who stream a lot of data should also not use it as it will cost them a lot eventually.


Customers and consumers alike would like to see NetZero provide toll-free hotline support.

If customers pay per minute for tech support while contacting NetZero, and such a call could take up to an hour (or half of it).

If customers must pay for 31 minutes on trying to resolve a modem issue, then they will definitely drop NetZero and go for another one.

If customers need DSL or dial-up services, and do not have access to high-speed internet (like Cable or Fiber optics) then they can benefit from looking into NetZero, and it is dependent upon availability in the customer’s respective area.