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Niche Delivery business ideas

Almost everything is delivered at your doorstep now. There is an app for all the on-demand services possible. The usage of these online apps increased with the usage of smartphones. Tap once and anything you want will reach you in a few minutes. The on-demand market is developing swiftly daily, and the number of services available in the market is also increasing. Below mentioned are a few stats about the growing on-demand market:

  • The Harvard business report states that around 56 million people are using the on-demand services annually in $57.6 billion spendings. 
  • The services that are used more are food delivery services, home services, transportation services, grocery delivery service, and other freelance services. 
  • The food delivery market is alone expected to generate a revenue of $161.74 billion by the end of the year 2023. 
  • The number of people using the on-demand service will increase to 93 million by 2022. 

From these statistics, one thing you can be sure about is that the demand will keep increasing and it is the right time to launch your on-demand service app now. A few unique ideas for developing an on-demand service app are given here:

Uber for delivering medicines

A person can fall sick anytime. They will need a few medicines to get back on their feet, but they will not have the energy to go out and buy  them. They will not want to bother their friends or relatives. In such cases, an Uber for Pharmacy app will be useful for them.

Uber for PharmacyA few features to be included in the app are explained below:

Search filters for the medicines:

The user should be able to find the tablets, syrup, or other medicinal drugs easily using the filters. Employ filters based on the disease, brand name, or the composition of the tablet. Make sure that the app displays suggestions when the user starts typing the name of a medicine. 

Upload prescriptions for verification:

The app must have a separate section where the users will upload the photo of their prescription. This will help you check if the prescription is real or fake. This will help you from catering to the needs of fraudulent people. There should also be a section to specify the details of the hospital and the doctor. All these details can be cross verified, and then the medicines can be delivered to the customers. 


The same tablet or drug might be manufactured by different brands. The app should let the customers compare the brands and buy the best brand of their choice. Comparison can be based on parameters such as price, quantity, and more. 

Doctors on support 24*7:

If needed, the customers should be able to talk to trusted doctors and resolve any queries about their disease or the tablets they are purchasing.

Uber for fuel or gas delivery

This is an app that will deliver fuel or gas safely to the user’s location when they are  in need of it. People who are stranded alone with their fuel or gas tanks empty can make efficient use of this app.


A few necessary features of the app are displayed here:

Live tracking and location specification:

Once the user registers with the app, he/she should be able to enter their location. Include Google maps and GPS to detect the location of the user automatically.

Request for gas or fuel:

After entering the location, the user will specify the quantity of fuel needed, type of vehicle, type of fuel, and more. The fare estimation should be displayed before they place the order.

Chat support:

Technical support should be provided to the users instantly. Include chat support or call support in your app and resolve the user queries as soon as possible. 

Uber app for delivering construction materials

There are many scenarios where the construction process is halted due to insufficient materials. It might sometimes take two or three days for the materials to reach the site. The progress for the two days will be zero. In order to avoid this abrupt halt of the construction process, the Uber for construction material delivery app can be launched.


The app will include:

Optimized search filters:

The users should be able to find construction materials easily. You can employ a wide variety of search filters based on the product name, brand, price, and more.

Check availability:

There should be a separate feature for checking the availability of the construction materials. Other details, such as estimated cost, delivery time, etc. should be specified in the app.

Payment gateways:

Another main aspect to be included in the app is the payment gateway. Make sure you include a safe and secure payment gateway, and it does not track the banking details of the user. This will assure the user about the security part. 

If you are in search of setting up a unique on-demand service app in the market, you can make use of these ideas. Once you finalize the service you are going to provide, find the best app development company to develop and launch your app on multiple platforms. If you wish to provide multiple services in a single app, then go with the GoJek Clone app available in the market. It is an efficient app that has separate landing pages for each of the services you provide. 

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