The market for Mobile battery chargers for smartphones and tablets is very vast and it can be difficult to find your way around since there is always the risk of buying a poor quality product.

In addition to the original chargers, on which we have greater confidence, there are many alternative proposals, of various kinds, origins, and prices, but are they equally valid?

First of all, it is important to make a clarification: non-original chargers do not detonate the device (although many believe it), but you must undoubtedly know how to differentiate even non-original chargers from each other, based on the manufacturer and the materials.

Some bad quality chargers, produced by companies of dubious reliability as well as not last long, can in fact damage the battery of the smartphone.

The problem does not only include non-original battery chargers but defective and low-quality ones:  for this reason, it is advisable to buy them from a reliable company specialized in the production of compatible accessories for smartphones.

Note that the problem does not only concern non-original magazines:  even an original model can be defective.

Obviously, by purchasing an original charger, the probability that it does not work or is not made with care is minimal, which is why it is often recommended.

If a charger is defective and has not been made by a work of art, there is a danger that the current will overheat the battery of the device, ruining it and, in the extreme case, causing it to catch fire.

Tips for buying an efficient charger

The specialized companies that produce original accessories test products before putting them on the market, so make sure not to cause damage or sell bad material.

The best thing to do if you don’t want to buy an original charger is to turn to equally reliable companies, with proven experience in the sector and professionalism.

In this way, a quality product can be obtained at a more advantageous price than the original and the same or similar performance.

Nowadays almost all chargers consist of two components: USB cable and charger.

It is important that both are of excellent quality in order to guarantee safety and efficiency.

How to recognize bad accessories?

In addition to the price, which must not be too low, attention must also be paid to the packaging, the brand or the company, the material with which it is made and the details.

One of the best-known features of USB cables purchased for less than  20 AED  is the short duration since being made with poor materials they are damaged in a short time and stop working.


Poor battery chargers often consist of a harder plastic cable than the others, which, is not very flexible, breaks immediately, ruining the internal components and no longer allowing the accessory to work.

In general, reliable shops or websites give an extra guarantee in the products, just like the original accessories.

Does a non-original charger slower charge my smartphone?

You may have noticed that some chargers charge your smartphone faster than others, but this does not depend on whether they are original or not.

In fact, many believe that non-original chargers are slower to charge because of lower quality, but this is not the case: it depends on the technology implemented in the charger, the charging intensity and the quality of the cable. Once you have chosen a quality cable, just compare different charger models (always of a good quality level): in each charger, there is a label with the characteristics concerning speed, voltage, and intensity.

The value to be compared is that of OUTPUT: the number expressed in V (volts) indicates the voltage, similar in almost all chargers, while the figure in A (amps) is the current intensity, from which the charging speed.

The higher the value that indicates the intensity, the faster the smartphone will recharge.

By purchasing a good charger, original or not, the important thing is that it is of quality, you can preserve the battery of your smartphone without damaging it and making it last longer.

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